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How much did you pay for flowers from a florist?

Rae, on July 24, 2017 at 7:29 PM Posted in Style and Décor 0 47

Hi all! I'm starting to get quotes from florists and I'm just curious what everyone else is paying for one? I'm especially interested to know if you're in an area that's super popular for weddings so I can make a comparison. I was super nervous to look into flowers, especially because friends who have gotten married in this area kept warning me about these outrageous prices, but the quotes came in much lower than I thought...I think I got a steal and the florist has a good rep. I'm getting a lot of greenery and that also cut down on my price a great deal. Thanks!

Edit: I know not everyone is planning to get a florist. Unfortunately I'm not creative/crafty enough to put together my own bouqet and decor, but I'd love to hear your prices as well!


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  • Future Mrs.B
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    Future Mrs.B ·
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    I was quoted between 1,300-3,000 from different florists for very minimal flowers as my venue doesnt need a lot.

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  • MrsSki
    Master April 2017
    MrsSki ·
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    Ours were close to $6k but we had flowers everywhere. Fewer (and different) flowers would mean cheaper quotes though!

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  • fallinthegarden
    Master October 2017
    fallinthegarden ·
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    The numbers from the updated proposal I recently received.

    Bridal bouquet: $150

    Bridesmaids bouquets: 3 x $65 each

    Bouts: 11 x $10 each

    Corsages: 3 x $20 each

    "Altar" piece: $150

    Reception centerpieces: 9 x $80 each

    Cake flowers: $35

    It comes to about $1,500 including taxes, excluding delivery. It's a higher-than-average priced florist in a lower-than-average cost area.

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  • Rebecca
    Super October 2017
    Rebecca ·
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    $850 for everything - including flowers for the cake, my centerpieces (I had the vases) all the BP flowers, and an alter piece. I found my florist through a chamber of commerce event. Even though they are located 30 miles away, they are waving the delivery fee!

    Check your local chamber!

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  • LittleDemon
    Master November 2017
    LittleDemon ·
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    We're at $625 for a bridal bouquet, 4 bridesmaid bouquets, 7 bouts, and 7 simple centerpieces. Oh and a delivery fee. I am going to be adding 4 coursages though, so that'll bring it up to around $700. I'm in the Denver metro area.

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  • Amanda
    Super September 2017
    Amanda ·
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    Location and the types of flowers that you chose makes a difference in cost. I am in NOVA area, paying $2100 for the following -

    1 bridal bouquet

    7 BM bouquets

    13 bouts

    4 wrist corsages

    2 flower crowns

    FG petals

    Arbor florals

    2 ceremony arrangements

    Enough flowers for 20 tables

    Fresh flowers for the cake

    Once all is said and done I am expecting my cost to go up to $2200 - $2300 after possibly adding additional centerpiece florals, a sweetheart table arrangement, and bunches of baby's breath (I may go through Costco for the baby's breath).

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  • Karla T
    Devoted November 2017
    Karla T ·
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    Ours (in San Diego) is just under $2,000, for:

    Decorated gazebo archway

    1 bridal bouquet

    7 bridesmaid bouquets

    1 groom bt

    11 bt's (groomsmen and dads/stepdad)

    1 MOB corsage

    2 mom corsages

    2 ringbearer bt's

    20 centerpiece arrangements

    1 sweetheart table centerpiece

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  • JerseyGirl
    Master May 2017
    JerseyGirl ·
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    Outside of philly:

    $185 bride bouquet

    $35 each for mother corsages

    $10 each for bouts

    (Centerpieces were included with venue and no BP)

    Types of flowers can affect prices too. Ours were mostly lilies and Cala lilies with some lilacs and lisianthems

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  • MnmsMonique
    Super June 2018
    MnmsMonique ·
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    I'm meeting with a florist on Wednesday and I'm very nervous about getting a quote. My sister got married last year and spent around $3100!

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  • Shanelle
    Dedicated April 2018
    Shanelle ·
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    $2700 - this includes bride bouquet, bridesmaid flowers, corsages for moms, groom and groomsman flowers, wedding arch, chapel decor, centerpieces for tables, and ceiling decor

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  • LittleDemon
    Master November 2017
    LittleDemon ·
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    One tip I will share is try to find a florist that works out of their home. The first florist I looked at had a shop front, took 3 weeks to get me a quote, and had prices that were about 30% higher than the one I booked, who works out of her home. She also gave us a much more in depth and personal consultation than the first florist.

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  • Cass
    VIP August 2017
    Cass ·
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    All bridal bouquets and bridesmaids bouquets and GM bouts are all ecoflower. They made my bouquet and then we got loose flowers for the BP flowers to make our own. Those we got on a huge sale so it was $50 for mine, a mini replica, my FH bout, and 200 loose flowers.

    For actual flowers these were the prices:

    Fathers bouts $10

    Mothers/grandmothers corsage $20 each

    Centerpiece 1: $70 each

    Centerpiece 2: $90 each

    Vines for bar and sweetheart table

    Decor and drapery for entrance

    Decor and drapes for deck

    Drapes for the ceremony space

    Vines for aisle lining

    Overall we came in at $1200ish. I go back in Wednesday to make sure I like everything.

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  • pammat
    VIP October 2017
    pammat ·
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    It so depends on what you get and where you are. For ~$850 I'm getting

    My bouquet

    5 boutonnières

    A corsage for FMIL

    25 centerpieces (mason jar sized, there's mainly 2 tops)

    6 hugeass basket arrangements for food stations

    I'm in NE Ohio, and the most exotic flower I'm using is hydrangea.

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  • D
    Just Said Yes September 2017
    denvieboco ·
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    $3200 in the Denver area:

    My bouquet

    5 bridesmaid bouquets

    10 bouts

    3 corsages

    1 flower crown

    Gazebo decor

    Rose petals for aisle

    17 centerpieces

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  • Ella
    Super August 2017
    Ella ·
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    $4500 for 20 centerpieces and 9 bouquets, plus some small pew decorations and set up/clean up

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  • Chelsea
    VIP September 2017
    Chelsea ·
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    "Simple" flowers in southwest Michigan for $1800. Bouquets, bouts, two flower crowns, arch decor, bud vases for 10 tables, and garland for the sweetheart table.

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  • Carolyn
    Super September 2017
    Carolyn ·
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    I'm in the DFW area in Texas and we are paying $1100 for ours. We don't have any for reception so it's basically for ceremony price only.

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  • Blair Waldorf
    Master October 2017
    Blair Waldorf ·
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    ~$2500. Includes my bouquet, 6 bm bouquets, groom bout, 7 gm bouts, 4 usher bouts, 5 dad/grandpa bouts, flowers for 5 moms/grandmas, petals for FG, altar garland, 18 centerpieces, and cake flowers. I'm in STL

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  • Sarah
    Dedicated October 2017
    Sarah ·
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    $350 from a local shop in a town in Northern IL

    Bride bouquet

    3 bridesmaids bouquets

    2 mothers corsages

    2 Grandmothers corsages

    Groom bout

    2 Groomsmen bouts

    1 Ring bearer bout

    1 Father bout

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  • G
    Beginner October 2017
    Genesis ·
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    We were quoted at $1,500 which includes delivery to the church and venue.

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