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Just Said Yes June 2021

How Many Guestbook Pages?

Amanda, on July 1, 2020 at 5:49 PM Posted in Do It Yourself 0 7
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Hello! I'm creating a guestbook on shutterfly with our engagement photos. I'm leaving pages blank for people to sign. I have 7 pages blank right now. I have somewhere between 100-110 guests. How many pages should I leave blank? Thanks!


  • Melle
    Rockstar June 2019
    Melle Online ·
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    In the pages with your engagement photos, are there a lot of blank space on those too for people to sign?

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  • Jana
    Rockstar June 2022
    Jana Online ·
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    Some people will just sign the inside covers and others will sign the pages themselves in blank areas. I wouldn't have extra blank pages. Make sure that there is enough blank space on the picture pages for people to sign. Be aware that some people will not sign no matter what tactic you use, short of putting the book in their hands with a pen.

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  • Mrs. S
    Super November 2019
    Mrs. S ·
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    We only needed one page for all of our guests (44). Many people didn’t sign.
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  • C
    VIP January 2019
    Cassidy ·
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    I think we had 20 pages.
    64 guests. Some guests signed more than once and many wrote messages. Almost every page has writing on it.
    We left lots of blank space to encourage signing, 1, some times 2, pictures a page with blank pages every couple of pages.
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  • Amanda
    Just Said Yes June 2021
    Amanda ·
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    I have the pages for signing marked. I'm not planning for people to sign around photos. I sure a few might, but I want there to be enough room on blank pages.

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  • Michelle
    Rockstar October 2020
    Michelle ·
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    Following! I’m doing the same!!!
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  • Givemeallthepups
    Devoted February 2020
    Givemeallthepups Online ·
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    We had a 25 page book, but all of the pages had blank space around so people could sign.
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