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How did you decide on a destination wedding?

bevbabe, on September 6, 2021 at 10:22 AM Posted in Planning 0 3

My fiance and I have family on opposite sides of the country so either way there will be a lot of traveling for 1/2 the guest list. We are considering having our wedding where I'm from, where he's from, and a total destination wedding in Italy. We can't decide on what would be best. We can afford all 3 options so that's not a concern. Having a lot of people not come to the Italy wedding is also not a concern because we know the core people we love will be there, however I know it would be a lot to travel there. Should we just tour places domestically and see how we feel? How did you decide on a destination wedding?


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    We picked our location based on where WE wanted, as long as our core family was able to attend that was all that mattered. I think 3 weddings/ceremonies will be exhausting for you and become more of a performance than an actual wedding after the 2nd.
    Do what you feel is best, but I'd say pick a mutually convenient place and have 1 big event!
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    Hi ! I think that it's often a choice between the location and the people you want to have there... Which is more important ? Italy is good even for like a couple elopement, you can go there yourselves after the wedding in the US, pronounce your vows in Verona with a photographer, have this special moment...

    I know I have a different perspective, but... like, really, Europe is not like a perfect place ;-) It's lovely, but then - we would like to get married in the States, too ! ;-)

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    We had our wedding closest to *us* because then I was able to keep an eye on things as they happened, we didn't have to make special arrangements for tours, tastings, etc., and it just all around made it easier. It meant that 99.5% of our invited guests were from out of town (I did the math) - BUT neither his family nor mine felt slighted because everyone had to travel, rather than half.

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