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Beginner July 2021

Honeymoon planning during covid

Joelle, on May 12, 2021 at 7:58 PM Posted in Honeymoon 0 5

Hey everyone! What is everyone doing with honey moon planning during covid!? My wedding is July 23 but no honeymoon booked yet because I just don’t know how things are all over the world with COVID restriction wise. My fiancé and I are both vaccinated so we aren’t necessarily nervous to travel even to other countries, but I don’t even know where to begin with booking. We were thinking about going somewhere in Europe and prefer to not stay in the US. I would just hate to plan a trip and then there end up being a lot of restrictions in that country or cases end up spiking and we have to cancel. What has everyone else done!? Is anyone else taking a honeymoon soon or has anyone done so recently? Any info, advice, or suggestions would be greatly appreciated, thanks in advance!


Latest activity by Eyonna, on May 16, 2021 at 12:31 PM
  • Emily
    Devoted June 2021
    Emily ·
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    My husband and I are going in two weeks to Sandals St. Lucia and I’m not going to lie, it’s been a wild, bumping ride, as we’ve postponed 3 times now. Even though we are in the clear from the Navy and St. Lucia to travel there, the island is now in a level 4 (don’t go unless necessary) to St. Lucia. We still are in the clear, but my advice would be to wait if it’s possible. Everything is just so uncertain in the world right now, and who knows if summer will be better, or worse.
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  • mrswinteriscoming
    VIP December 2021
    mrswinteriscoming ·
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    We live in Australia and our international border has been shut since March 2020 with an exception only being made for a ‘travel bubble’ with New Zealand so we have had to change our plans from Fiji to go somewhere within Australia. In that regard, gosh, if you make it to Europe, please enjoy on my behalf too!

    It is a little bit unpredictable but I would say (a) avoid countries that have had bad responses to COVID or strict restrictions (such as the UK) and (b) make sure everything is transferable or refundable. Good luck!

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  • Jessica
    Dedicated August 2021
    Jessica ·
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    Our dream destination is Greece for honeymoon but we don't want to take a chance d/t COVID so we decided to put the BIG honeymoon trip on hold. We still wanted to have the get away experience, though. So, we actually planned a 6 night trip to DisneyWorld. They have tons of packages & deals out there right now. Although it isn't our dream destination, we figured it'd be fun to throw on some ears with a veil & top hat & make some fun of our special moments.

    Hope you find something that suits you! Even if it's just small for now. Smiley heart

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  • Brigitte
    Dedicated May 2021
    Brigitte ·
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    You might prefer to leave the US but honestly if you plan on leaving right after the wedding, it will probably be more stressful than relaxing. My husband and I still got the honeymoon vacation by renting a car and driving up the coast to Maine for the week. It was so much fun and so much less stressful than dealing with restrictions in airports and foreign countries that are going on right now. We still plan to go abroad next year for our first anniversary.

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  • Eyonna
    Devoted May 2021
    Eyonna ·
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    We would like to leave the US but with everything still uncertain we have decided to put our big honeymoon on hold for right now. We will do some small and fun things during the summer months with just us to relax but we don’t want to get to another country and there be restrictions. We are fine with waiting.
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