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hmu for curly hair

Kayla, on October 11, 2021 at 2:25 AM Posted in Hair and Makeup 0 8

I hired a HMU artist to do HMU for my bridesmaids, mom, and myself. She just sent me an email stating that if any of the girls have very frizzy or curly hair, to please have them straighten it beforehand. Is this normal? My mom has very curly hair, and I don't understand why she should have to straighten her hair when we are paying to get it done.


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  • KiwiDerbyBride
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    I have curly hair and I do not touch it with straighteners (and I’m far from alone in that). It causes too much damage. Seems very strange to me.

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  • Gabby
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    Sounds like someone who doesn't know how to do curly hair. If she wants to leave her hair curly she should be allowed. Now I have very curly and thick hair and I have to have mine straightened before the day. They are basically only allowing time for styling and using the curling wand.
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  • S
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    Sarah ·
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    No, this is not normal. Basically they are trying to reduce the amount of time/work they have to do which is not okay unless the curly people suggested it first. My future SIL also has very curly/coarse hair and my hair dresser said she would straighten it for her if she needs to, she would never have a client prep their own hair.

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    Not normal, sounds like she doesn’t know what she is doing. I’ve seen a lot of new age stylist making these request to basically have your hair washed and straightened beforehand and it’s not how it used to be at an established salon they would do all the prep for you and then the styling. See if your mom wants to leave her hair curly for the wedding if she does let the stylist know. But if she doesn’t maybe your mom should do it herself and not risk a stylist who may not know how to properly style curly hair and protect from heat damage.
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  • JW
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    The fact that the HMU artist used the word "frizzy" to describe curly hair is a red flag. If you decide to stay with this artist, give your mom and other curly-haired folks the option to make their own arrangements and just show up with it done. That way they don't feel forced to risk damage to their hair. This stylist either doesn't know how to work with curly hair well, or doesn't respect it in the same way to allot sufficient time and bring the right tools and products to accommodate them too. The times I've been a bridesmaid, I've taken the bride's requested styles to my hairdresser a day or two before the wedding, or asked my stylist to straighten it and I styled it myself the day of the wedding. If you still want the bonding experience of getting ready together, the artist could still do the curly folks' makeup.

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  • Cool
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    Yeah, sounds like she doesn’t know how to style curly hair. I’d either find someone else for those who need it or make sure that straightening their hair would be fine with them… although I’d assume they would rather have someone who can properly style their hair.
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  • Bird
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    I disagree with most of the responses. I have curly hair and if I want to get a traditional updo, I would be expected to come w my hair blown out. I think this is very normal.

    My hair takes 1 hour to blow out and then time to put in an updo and use a curling iron.
    The logic of straightening your hair in order to give it fake curls with a curling iron seems ridiculous but in order to get that certain look, it needs to be smooth and blown out.
    Can you send a picture of your moms desired updo to the stylist and see if she can do it without straightening it?
    OR if all your mom wants is a blow out then she wouldn’t be able to get an updo. Like I said, this in my opinion is extremely normal.
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  • Jay
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    Jay ·
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    This is a red flag to me that this person doesn’t know curls. I have curly hair & never, ever use heat on it. A lot of curly haired people are the same. My cousin has similar hair but doesn’t mind using heat & the stylist curled her hair morning of, but didn’t put any heat on mine. A hair artist should be able to deal with both preferences, & not require someone with curls to do something that they may not want to do to their hair.
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