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Help picking a new date. (covid-19 postponed our original one.)

Happilee, on March 19, 2020 at 12:00 AM Posted in Community Conversations 0 9
We have a lot of out of state/international guests and our state mandated no more than 25 at a gathering per time so unfortunately we had to postpone our 4/4 wedding.

The venue has offered us to change dates or receive a full refund. The problem is that there are no Saturdays left in 2020. We have waited almost 12 years to be married and don't want to go to 2021 which leaves us either having to chose a Friday or Sunday wedding.
Do you think with enough notice people could get Monday off from work for a Sunday date? I'm not sure if by October things will be back to normal/what the time off situation will look like. Otherwise we would have to give up on our dream venue and start searching all over again.
I'm really devastated but we have to make a decision soon or all the days will be taken by others rescheduling as well.


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  • Hanna
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    Yes, I think with enough notice people would absolutely be able to get Monday off work for a Sunday date! I've been to tons of Sunday weddings and they were all fantastic. The people who cannot take off work on Monday usually take 5 am flights the next day (which I've done before, and still made it to work by 9 am on Monday). I would try to snag one of those Sunday dates while they're still available! Best of luck

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  • Laree's
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    I totally understand where you Are coming from. Future husband and I will be together 15 years this May which is our original wedding date. Unfortunately we did postpone until 2021. Good luck in whatever you decide are coming from. Future husband and I will be together 15 years this May which is our original wedding date. Unfortunately we did postpone until 2021. Good luck in whatever you decide.
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  • Hillary
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    We had to postpone our April 25th wedding, which is a Saturday. Our new date is September 13th, which is a Sunday. It definitely wasn’t my preference but it was the only day that worked for all our vendors. I’m rolling with it and I know it’s going to be an amazing wedding. Although, hopefully we will still be able to get married on the 25th with our immediate family.
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  • Lacey
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    We’re getting married on a Sunday. Everyone is fine with it. People will be ESPECIALLY understanding given the scenario. This thing is impacting everyone and we all know there will be hiccups. Sunday will be totally fine.
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  • Rachel
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    We have been back and forth for days as the pressure grows for all of our guests to be able to change their flights, etc. We were May 4, now considering August, October, or next year. It's so stressful to think of changing the date a second time, especially if our borders are okay but Europe is still in turmoil. Right now it's easy for EVERYONE to change their travel plans due to the liniency of the airlines and air bnbs. With so much uncertainty we are looking to next year. It's just easier with international travelers.
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  • Kendra
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    We are May 23 in a state park in New York and the venue was supposed to open April 9th, but is now not even opening until May 1. All our vendors are still willing to work with us if we still have it. We are looking into a tiny wedding with 27 people and then receptions with family around the country over the summer. If we go that route, we will be hiring a videographer to take high quality videos so we can share those with family who cannot be there.

    We are ready to be married so we aren't willing to postpone to a later date in the year for the ceremony. It's not what I had in mind originally, but I am ready to be married and to feel like we can move to the next stage of life. We are both aligned with this plan and I think it will work out the best for us.

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  • Kari
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    Personally I'd rather have a Friday wedding I think, just because I think it's easier for people to do a 1/2 day Friday to get ready then take off a full day on Monday or take a 1/2 day and have an almost full work week the day after. This is of course assuming most of your guests are fairly local.

    If you do a Sunday wedding would you consider an earlier ceremony or brunch wedding? I've been to those and they're still fun and don't require taking off the next day for most people.

    Either way I think with the virus and rescheduling most people understand these situations and are being as flexible as they can be. Good luck!

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  • Kate
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    Girl there's plenty of time for your love ones to get some time off for your wedding! I would say go for a Friday if at all possible. Mondays can be rough at most peoples job places and who doesn't love a good Friday off. If that's not do-able, you may have to make the heartbreaking decision to postpone until 2021 Smiley sad This is such a terrible time. Thinking of you! Hope everything falls into place.

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  • Laura
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    We chose a Friday... Midday. Wedding ends by 2. Dinner at 5. After party too. Rescheduled from June to August.
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