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Help me, please.

Kandace, on October 21, 2020 at 8:36 AM Posted in North Carolina Planning 0 3


So my MIL had the idea of going to a restaurant PRIOR to our cocktail reception, where we will be having: drinks, alcohol, and finger foods. She suggested we could invite people to go, but not have the obligation of paying for their meals, since we are also having a reception to follow.

I see a few issues with this, like for example, the food taking to long and being late to my own reception. People not reading everything sent and having the impression we are paying, and so much more. But I also know I am going to be starving and want to sit down and eat.

What do you guys think?


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  • Meghan
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    I don't really see the point in this. Your cocktail hour should have food and your reception should also have food. So why make a stop to eat and drink when you can just do that at the cocktail hour and reception you're already paying for? Also, if you are inviting people to attend a pre-cocktail hour, they shouldn't be asked to pay.

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  • Kandace
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    I didn't really understand it either, honestly. Thank you!

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  • Lynnie
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    I agree - this sounds like it could be a logistical nightmare!!

    If you invite other to join you at the restaurant they will definitely assume you're picking up the tab, and like you said the restaurant meal could really through off the timeline of your reception!

    If you and your family are concerned about being hungry, I'd think about adding more finger foods for the reception!

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