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Help me figure out my bridesmaids bouquets? Please?

Michaila, on May 3, 2021 at 2:57 AM Posted in Style and Décor 0 6

So my wonderful aunt who is extremely talented at floral arrangements was kind enough to make my floral arrangements for me. But there are a few tweaks that need to be made. Namely, she decided that my bridesmaids bouquets needed a "pop of color" and added these rust colored flowers. No where else in the wedding or in any of the floral arrangements do these show up. Now, for my original early October date (2019...we postponed to 2020 due to my dad's death among other things...and then 2020 happened) the rust would have made sense. But now we're looking at mid-late November or January - depending on venue/photographer/family availability. (I have vetoed December as I already have a birthday, proposal anniversary and Christmas during that month. I will not add a wedding anniversary as well). Now the rust is making less sense. And my fiance dislikes it as well. I should add my aunt made it clear she would not be offended if I didn't like something - and switching out flowers is not a big deal. We're already adding some blue baby's breath to my bouquet because I wanted some color in mine, and probably removing/moving the cascade since I'll be putting my dad's ring on my bouquet handle and no one will have a prayer of seeing it under a cascade.

Here is my bridesmaid dress and flower girl dress (hopefully it still fits the kid...that'll be another post...)

Help me figure out my bridesmaids bouquets? Please? 1

And my bouquet for reference:

Help me figure out my bridesmaids bouquets? Please? 2

Here is one of the three bridesmaids bouquets as is: (a little wonky from storage - the lavender is not a color we're using, I just really wanted lavender as a flower incorporated and it reads like a blue)

Help me figure out my bridesmaids bouquets? Please? 3

I tucked away and hid all the orange - no pop of color.

Help me figure out my bridesmaids bouquets? Please? 4

Then we were playing around with fake flowers at the house - these are a dusty pink berry thing - they kind of match the pink tips on the leaves. I'm not much of a pink person but I'm also at a point where I may have to resort to putting my flower girl in pink if she doesn't fit her dress so maybe this would make it make sense?

Help me figure out my bridesmaids bouquets? Please? 5

I don't know about these flowers specifically, but the burgundy kind of looks nice. We very well may be having our reception at an old firehouse (my fiance is working on going to the fire academy) so the red might be a nice touch. Maybe in a small tea rose?

Help me figure out my bridesmaids bouquets? Please? 6

Our theme is kind of old books/library (I'm in school to be a librarian so of course I'm a sucker for a Beauty and the Beast reference). Our save the dates were bookmarks asking people to "Save the date for our next chapter" and "consider themselves booked" and our RSVP cards looked like old library due date cards. When we send out change the dates, I'll probably do something with "Overdue" and "Reprint" on a postcard. Our ring bearer's pillow is very likely going to be a copy of Lord of the Rings (as he proposed by asking me to wear the one true ring to rule his heart, like the cheeseball he is) - if that gives you any context.

Do you think we need a pop of color/accent color other than dusty/steel blue? (bridesmaids are in DB's steel blue)

I also considered metallic gold, or just bare brown branches, but I don't know. What do you think?


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  • Fred
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    Fred ·
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    Hello Michaila.
    You're over thinking this.Nobody (but you and the bridesmaids) will notice and all options are nice.
    You should go with the one you like the most OR ask your bridesmaids for their opinion.My personal choice would be the last one but I know for sure I would ask the girls since they are the ones who are carrying it.
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  • C
    Rockstar January 2019
    Cassidy ·
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    I agree with aunt, they do need a small pop of color. I think the orange is very nice. It’s also so small that I wouldn’t really worry about it being anywhere else. After the ceremony no one is really going to see them anyway. Out of the options you played around with I like the pinkish one the most.
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  • M
    February 2021
    Marie ·
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    I do like the second bouquet as it compliments your bridesmaid's dresses. I agree with removing those orange flowers!

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  • Michelle
    Rockstar October 2022
    Michelle ·
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    If you want a pop of color, red works better with your theme and dresses than rust. But no one will really notice either way.
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  • Danielle
    Savvy September 2020
    Danielle ·
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    I think the burgandy or red would look nice.
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  • Jessi
    Devoted October 2022
    Jessi ·
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    If you want to add a pop of color I think the burgundy looks best and goes well with your theme. I don't think you absolutely need a pop though if you would prefer to just stick with the blue.

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