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Hawaii Wedding!

Kellie, on April 17, 2021 at 6:26 PM Posted in Hawaii Planning 1 4
I want to plan my marriage in hawaii with very few attending...15 at most? I'm not a planner and trying to save money to plan my own wedding and have no idea where to begin!! We have aonth and year picked out but no venue, no idea whay island is best...ect. Any recommendations?


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  • Lynnie
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    Lynnie ·
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    Hi Kellie! WeddingWire has a really helpful guide on planning a Hawaii wedding with a breakdown of the islands - you should definitely check it out:

    How to Plan a Hawaii Destination Wedding

    I'd say your next steps should be deciding on an island and starting your venue research!

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  • ScandalousRandallous
    Devoted July 2022
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    Definitely research all islands.

    Kauai is probably the strictest with restrictions right now, and Oahu is probably the most open. Maui and Big Island are somewhere in between, more so open than not.

    We are supposedly rolling out the vaccine travel plan in May so keep tabs on our travel guidelines as they are changing quickly.

    In general though, things are really expensive here so definitely expect to pay for more for every little thing, especially services.

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  • Caprice
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    What kind of vibe are you going for?

    For something that small and affordable, I would highly recommend getting a permit and doing a beach ceremony, then doing a laid back reception somewhere with a nice private room for dinner. You can also look into state parks for a quick ceremony too!

    If you want to go all out (and on O'ahu), and still stay relatively low budget, I would recommend doing either Queen Emma's Summer Home off the Pali, or Hawaii Polo Club in Waialua (North Shore). Both of those places are pretty affordable and have some great amenities, and BEAUTIFUL scenery.

    We looked at both of those places but ultimately pulled the trigger on Waimea Valley for various reasons (although it was more expensive....)

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  • KaiJan33
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    KaiJan33 ·
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    Here are some photos from my wedding on Maui. we took some pictures in bamboo before heading to the beach.Hawaii Wedding! 1

    Hawaii Wedding! 2

    Hawaii Wedding! 3

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