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Have any of you used Classic Photographers?

Gwendolyn, on June 21, 2021 at 10:23 AM Posted in Planning 0 2

I'm 28(!) days out now, and among some other chaos (my pastry chef just resigned on Friday, leaving me with no cake) I haven't yet heard from CP. I did my worksheet a few months ago, and have updated it a few times and have yet to hear anything from my photographer. Is that normal?

I'm going to send an email today just to check it - but I was unsure if it's typical to have not heard anything at all by this point.


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    A professional photographer does have you sign a contract with deposit and should be in touch with you constantly -- particularly this close to your wedding. I suggest you march over to this person's place of business and clear the air. It's not nice to be neglected and this is a poor business practice. You may consider talking to another photographer in case this person does not come through. Any $ or contracts signed can be brought to small claims court after your wedding. Too bad you're going through this, but I am sure it will work out.

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    I did sign a contract and I've paid in full now. I sent an email earlier but have yet to hear back. I sort of wondered if I had unrealistic expectations and this was the norm - but I'll be pressing for communication. Unfortunately there isn't a store front for me to go to. Fingers crossed, thank you!!
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