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hate hate hate My Wedding Hair

Alex, on August 6, 2020 at 4:10 AM Posted in Community Conversations 0 9
We eloped last month. Everything seemed great: no stress, great outfits, great photog, great cake, scenic location. But my hair was trash! Started off great, a simple style with curls (and lots of anti frizz serum and hair spray). One I’ve had many times and has lasted days in the past. But from the time it took to get from our hotel to ceremony location, my hair failed. Curls dropped all the way. My photos, my hair looks a hot mess. Looks like I didn’t even try. The one day I want to look great-I didn’t. I’m embarrassed to show even my husband these because of my hair. I already suffer from anxiety and low self esteem, this definitely isn’t helping. (I’ve already reached out to my therapist). I’m doing positive talk but as soon as I look at my hair I’m instantly upset. There’s no way I can do a re-do, so these are it. My wedding legacy for my grandkids to find- “grandma looked great but her hair was a mess” ((The photog was perfect so my issue is with me not with the photog at all. ))

Just needed to vent.


Latest activity by Rachel, on August 6, 2020 at 12:35 PM
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    I'm so sorry! It might not be as bad as you think. Do you have photos that you could share?
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  • Margaret
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    Margaret ·
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    Oh No! I'm sure that isn't the case. We are always more critical of ourselves. Please don't feel that way. I"m sure your pictures are absolutely beautiful and no one, I promise no one is going to say "OMG, Look at her Hair!" - Kinda wanted to say, "Oh, my, God Becky, look at her butt" - haha

    Just a little funny, but seriously don't be so critical of yourself especially when you were able to celebrate such a joyous moment with the man you love.

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    I'm sure you're being more critical of yourself than anyone else would be. Reaching out to your therapist is a good idea. You should show them to your husband, but if you're really nervous about them, you should tell him how you feel first. I'm sure he won't think it's as bad as you think it is. If you still really hate them after showing and talking about them with your new husband and your therapist, it's possible to Photoshop some pictures to make things like hair frizz less noticeable, but you probably won't need to after talking about them more with your support people.
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  • Alisa
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    I can totally understand because i can definitely nit pick a photo of myself to death but bigger picture... im sure it not as bad as you think. we are are our own worst critics and what you may see as a mess your husband might see as perfect, beautiful and just right. im sure its not ideal not having you hair looking the bomb dot com but maybe with time you will feel better about sharing the pictures but definitely show your husband and DONT mention your hair at all. let him have his first impression

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  • Lynnie
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    I'm so sorry you feel this way Alex. I bet it doesn't look nearly as bad as you think! ❤️

    Would you be open to doing a couples shoot in your wedding attire again so you can get the glamorous photos you were hoping for? I've had friends do this after their wedding because they wanted more pictures, ran out of time on their wedding day, or just because of the weather! Do you think that would help?

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  • Belle
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    I think we are the biggest critic-er to ourselves. I am truly sorry. I understand you being upset. I had a terrible experience with mine too. I showed my hairstylist a picture how I wanted my hair and she told me she can do it, but when it was that day (supposed to be our wedding day pictures) she told me “Well, I can’t do it that much volume, but I can tease a bit to give it that kind of look”. I was very disappointed. Her make up was done terribly too. Once she gave me a mirror I was shocked. It was very cakey, with lots of creases and wayyyy to orange. I literally look like Oompa Loompa from Charlie’s Chocolate Factory. It was the worse make up I have seen on me and all my friends. I was so upset, I took pictures in the car, send them to my bridesmaids and they video called me right away. I was too embarrassed to let anyone see me, so I erased it in the car. I was angry driving away. I complained and she send back part of the money for the make up. She knows it wasn’t any good once she saw me shocked. I redid my make up at home and cause us a huge panic, hectic, and delay in our plans. Oh, and the curls she did only lasted good for an hour or two ☹️
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  • Melle
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    I’m sure you looked so beautiful. We are our worse critics sometimes
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  • Chelsea G
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    I am so sorry you feel this way. Just remember when people see these pictures they're not going to notice the hair. They notice the dress and the smiles and happiness Smiley smile

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  • R
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    Rachel ·
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    Oh, man! That sucks sooo bad!! Put them in a drawer, lol. My photographer had an option for a “bridal shoot”. It would be after the wedding. You put the dress on and get all beautiful again, but these pictures are taken in a studio. No wedding day stress in a controlled perfect setting with perfect lighting gets those amazing glamour shots. I’m sorry that your hair sucked that day, of all days!!!
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