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Hair style for Birdcage Veil

Tara, on December 7, 2017 at 2:23 PM Posted in Wedding Attire

I am going to be having my hair trial next month, and I am trying to get some ideas of what to do. I know that I don't want my hair completely up. I am okay with either having it down or doing a half up/half down. My hair is a little longer than should length and I have attached photos of what my veil looks like. Any suggestions will be helpful!!

Edit: Our wedding is semi formal and is a mid day wedding in the spring if that helps any.



  • edecker
    Super May 2020
    edecker ·

    BIRDCAGE VEILHair style for Birdcage Veil 1

    I think Birdcages are so cute and trendy. Personally I think they look best with hair up, but I'm sure you could find some with hair half up and half down or even all the way down if you just google it. Best of luck!

  • Emily
    Expert May 2018
    Emily ·
    Im not a huge fan of updos personally, but i think sideswept updos look fantastic with birdcage veils - also, if your dress has beautiful back details, you'll see them!
    you can also get the half-up, half-down option with this and still get a vintage romantic hairstyle option that works with the veil. they look gorgeous with applique or crystal headpieces too, so im sure this kind of hairstyle would go well with the veil you've chosen. all i did was google "birdcage veil hairstyle" - there's all kinds of options!

    Hair style for Birdcage Veil 2

  • R
    Just Said Yes July 2018
    RACHEL ·

    Where did you get the veil? I love it.

  • O
    Master October 2017
    O ·
    For a birdcage veil I always think it looks best with a low chignon; the nest best is half up with curls.

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