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Hair & makeup! Stylist trials.

Brittany, on June 4, 2021 at 9:24 PM Posted in Hair and Makeup 0 4
So I went to my first makeup/hair trial today, and I don’t love it. It’s making me think I may need to go with someone else. I don’t feel comfortable doing it myself as I’m not the best at makeup. But it’s so expensive, it cost me $300 for the trial and that was one of the cheapest I’ve seen in my area. I am concerned about wasting more money and I just don’t really know what to do, and would love some advice on how to pick a stylist.


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    Wow that’s definitely expensive! Is there something specific about it that you don’t like? Did you show any inspo pics? I’d try talking to the stylist first to see if she can adjust the look before spending more money
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    I did show inspo pics and at first it seemed pretty close. As the day progressed, and I got to see it in different lighting, how it wore and how the hair held up and within an hour I was having issues. She was a lovely person so I feel bad, but it would make me nervous that I’d get everything done and by halfway through the ceremony I’m having issues or I’d spend half the night retouching. And she’s asking $500 for the day of for me & $250 for each member of the bridal party, it just feels like a lot for something I’m not sure about.
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    Keep in mind with hair at least, the stylist doesn't use the same amount of product or pins as they would on the day off, so it doesn't hold as well at a trial as it would day of. But those prices really seem high. My sister just got married and her hair/makeup artists cost each bridesmaid $120 total for both.

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  • Amanda
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    I had a similar issue as you. I researched makeup artists and looked at countless photos on instagram of her work. Based on the reviews and photos she did amazing work however I did not like her work on me at all. I told her things I did not like and she made some adjustments however the adjustments were not enough. I adored her as a person and would have loved to go with her but I just couldn't hope and pray that my makeup turned out significantly better the day of. After thinking about what went wrong, I came to the conclusion the style of makeup the artist does may not fit my face. While I did show sample pics, it didn't matter because this artist clearly did a specific style and was very good at it but it wasn't good for me. Also I wasn't use to a lot or heavy makeup so that was a shock. I would suggest you keep looking until you find the person who does your makeup that best flatters you. The makeup will be seen in photos for years to come.

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