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Hair & makeup price

Darilyn, on April 8, 2021 at 3:02 PM Posted in Hair and Makeup 0 5

I’m new to all this bridal planning and going as simple as ever for our wedding ceremony this July. My fiancé and I are having our big wedding reception next year in July and that’s the one I want to for sure spend the money on. I don’t really have a budget but I know I don’t wanna spend too much for this years wedding ceremony because it was only gonna be a quick outdoor ceremony to get our certificate and that’s it. I was planning to do my hair and makeup myself this year but figured maybe I should have someone do it because it’s still our wedding day.

I was quoted $150 for hair and makeup + $50 traveling fee but I don’t know what the going rates are these days. Any suggestions?


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  • Hanna
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    Hanna ·
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    $150 for both hair and makeup? That is one heck of a steal! I think I paid over double that amount for makeup alone. If you like this vendor's work and they have good reviews, then I would definitely go ahead and book. That's an amazing deal.

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  • Darilyn
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    Darilyn ·
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    Good to know I’m getting a steal! Thank you Hanna. I appreciate it Smiley smile
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  • Lisa
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    Lisa ·
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    I think that’s a great deal! My hair & makeup is $195 total.
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  • Heather
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    Heather ·
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    That's a good price! I was quoted $225 for hair and makeup.. However, I may go with someone different now that we are trying to save up more for the honeymoon.

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  • Lazell
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    Lazell ·
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    I'll be paying $130 for hair and make up, so I would say that is a fair price!
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