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Hair and makeup

Arianna, on February 11, 2020 at 6:56 PM Posted in Hair and Makeup 0 5

I am looking into hair and makeup and have it narrowed down to a few different companies. I am giving my bridal party the option of getting their hair and makeup done since I am not paying for it myself. Should I ask my bridal party if they want to get their hair/makeup done prior to booking? And if so, should I ask them a budget they are comfortable with?


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  • Kristen
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    Yes because the make up artist may be able to accommodate them. Let them know her prices and make the decision.

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  • Eri
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    For the companies you're looking at, do you know if they have $ minimums and if so, what that amount is?

    I knew who I wanted my MUA to be and got the pricing for what each bridesmaid would pay. Before I formally booked, I messaged all the girls to see if they wanted to get their makeup done and let them know how much it would be. When I was confident I'd make the minimum, I booked.

    Did the same thing with my hair stylist and it worked out well!

    I'm also in a wedding this summer and my friend was just like "This is the HMUA, this is how much it'll be - do you want in?" and that was easy for me to say yes to. Smiley smile

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  • Kevin
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    I asked all my girls ahead of time because some makeup artists don’t have enough assistants or more assistants mean more money or more time to get ready and it could change prices. We have 9 ladies total with my maids and moms and sister in laws and they gave us bulk group pricing which ended up being about $50 a person cheaper so I would ask ahead of time.
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  • Ester
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    Definitely ask them before booking. I let them know prices and most of them said yes except my MOH. At that point I didnt want her to feel left out so I offered to pay for hers. Better to communicate the prices than assume they can pay.

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  • MrsD
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    I'd ask your stylist how far in advance she needs to know & ask what her bridesmaids prices are.

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