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ashleymarie1027, on July 7, 2021 at 1:27 PM Posted in Pennsylvania Planning 0 3
Does anyone know any hair and makeup places in the Reading/Philadelphia area that doesn’t require a minimum amount of girls? It’s probably just me, but I just need myself made up for my wedding day because 1) I can’t afford for every girl to get their hair and makeup done and 2) I only have a 2 hour limit between starting hair/makeup and getting the before-ceremony pictures. I don’t have all the time in the world to get all 5 girls done, just me. My girls are perfectly fine with doing their own hair and makeup. But every place I find they require at least 4 girls. Help!


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  • Michelle
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    Go on Yelp and call around. Maybe try Ulta which also has makeup services. Ask for a regular special occasion updo. They don’t need to know you are a bride because you will not be in a dress and veil with an entourage.

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  • Sam
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    Hi there!

    I live right outside of Cleveland Ohio so unfortunately I'm not familiar with your area.When i was looking in my area the same thing applied for most traveling hair/makeup artists in my area. (requiring at minimum 4 girls) luckily I have 7 total so I did not have this problem.

    I would google your area Like Michelle said above you could go into many local salons and ask for a special occasion updo/ hair do... they dont have to know your a bride if you don't tell them.

    Also as Michelle said...... ULTA Beauty is a great option if you have on in your area. In addition look into makeup/hair schools in your area (Paul Mitchell, Brown Aveda) This may sound like a crazy suggestion to you BUT when I was in High-school we had a Cosmetology training center right in our high school and those girls did great work- you wouldn't believe they were highschoolers ! For a fraction of the cost!

    Goodluck to you!


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  • Lynnie
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    I'd also recommend reaching out to local salons! You'd need to go to them, but it would definitely be less expensive!!

    You could also try messaging some of those companies with minimums to see if they'd be interest in doing just you for an extra fee!

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