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Grenada vs Barbados

Larry, on December 7, 2017 at 9:20 AM Posted in Honeymoon

FH and I are trying to decide between Barbados and Grenada for our honeymoon. We just can't decide! Do any of you have suggestions? Which would you prefer and why??



  • BlushWedding
    Devoted August 2018
    BlushWedding ·

    I have never been to either but have heard Grenada is extremely poor and there isn't much to do off resorts. I could be completely wrong here but that's just what I've heard!

  • Keisha
    Master September 2018
    Keisha Online ·

    @Blush you are very wrong. Grenada is not poor, actually a lot of celebrities have vacation homes there. Sandals just opened up a new 5 star resort that my brother went to and he said was amazing. Like most tropical islands there is not much to do besides the beach and a few local sites. If you go make sure you do Fish Friday's. It is an outdoor market at night with lots of food and drinks

  • Larry
    Expert November 2018
    Larry ·

    That's sounds like a bunch of fun!

  • Elynn
    Just Said Yes August 2018
    Elynn ·

    I definitely recommend Barbados (and not just because my family is from there). It is a beautiful island and there is lots to to there. It is also fun and safe to explore outside of resort properties.

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