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Greece honeymoon

Jessica, on February 2, 2017 at 12:03 PM Posted in Honeymoon 2 27
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Has anyone gone to Greece for vacation or honeymoon? I am trying to find recommendations of islands we should go to and places we should stay!


  • MrsNerd
    Master October 2016
    MrsNerd ·

    I haven't, but I know a couple people, including my aunt and uncle, who recently went to Greece and LOVED it. Their pictures are stunning. Definitely go to Mykonos and Santorini.

  • H
    Dedicated April 2017
    Heather ·

    It is on the list but haven't decided... I will definitely follow this.

  • megan m
    Devoted August 2017
    megan m ·

    We went in August & got engaged there! Mykonos had beautiful beaches, make sure if you stay there stay at a hotel with beach access. Santorini was gorgeous! We rented an ATV & drove across the island to hit the small towns & beaches. Are you looking for more luxury hotels or standard?

  • Lynnie
    WeddingWire Administrator October 2016
    Lynnie ·

    I loved Greece!! It's a great combination of beach and water activities, and touristy stuff

    I went on a cruise of a few islands (Mykonos, Santorini, and Rhodes) and would highly recommend it!

  • lyla
    Master July 2017
    lyla ·

    Following. This is where we want to go too.

  • SleepytheDwarf
    Master June 2017
    SleepytheDwarf ·

    We're going to Santorini. Cannot wait!

  • StPaulGal
    Master July 2017
    StPaulGal ·

    Santorini is the most jaw-droppingly gorgeous place I have ever laid eyes on. I went there on a cruise, so I don't have any recommendations on where to stay, but definitely go there if you get the chance!

    A few of my favorite photos from my visit:

  • StPaulGal
    Master July 2017
    StPaulGal ·

    Oops, double post

  • FutureMrsH
    VIP June 2017
    FutureMrsH ·

    I'm pretty sure we're going to Athens for ours! We've found a beautiful hotel that overlooks some of the ruins.

  • Julie
    Dedicated June 2017
    Julie ·

    We just booked our trip to Greece for our honeymoon. 1 night in Athens, 4 in santorini, 3 in Naxos, and 3 in Mykonos.

  • lyla
    Master July 2017
    lyla ·

    Holy moly that is jaw-dropping!

  • Erica
    Devoted February 2019
    Erica ·

    We went for two weeks last summer! We spent 4 days in Athens, 5 in Mykonos and 5 in Santorini! Rent a 4 wheeler in Mykonos and explore all the beaches!!

  • Jillian
    Savvy June 2017
    Jillian ·

    FH and I went to Athens and Mykonos back in September and were surprised by how much we loved both places. I'd actually recommend staying just a little bit off of the beaten path, as you may want a respite from the party-heavy beaches and crowded chora (town). We stayed at a great boutique hotel in Agios Stefanos, which was a short walk down a hill to the beach and offered complimentary shuttle service to the town (and service to other areas of the island for a fee). Try to spend a few days in Athens, too; some parts of it are a little run-down and there's a lot of graffiti, but its history is everywhere, the locals are really warm, and the food is incredible (and cheap, unlike in Mykonos).

  • Private_User832
    Master August 2017
    Private_User832 ·

    I studied abroad there and I loveeeee Greece! Definitely go to santorini! Athens is good for the history but it's a city and not beautiful like the islands. Mykonos is very popular and I hear great things. I stayed in Rhodes for four months but it couldn't compare to santorini imo

  • S
    Beginner August 2017
    SA_91 ·

    I'm going for my honeymoon in August! Santorini and Mykonos. I can't wait!!!

  • MrsDrum
    Master June 2017
    MrsDrum ·

    We are going in June for our honeymoon. We are going to Naxos, Santarini and Athens. We booked with a local travel agent there who knew the area well.

  • Ang
    Expert May 2018
    Ang ·

    I've been a few times and I don't remember specifically places I've stayed but definitely agree with visiting santorini and Mykonos. Athens isn't necessarily as beautiful but still worth a visit if you're into the historical aspects. Glyfada outside of Athens has some beautiful beaches. Mykonos has a party atmosphere in some areas if that's what you're into. Santorini is just gorgeous. I'd suggest lots of island hopping.

  • Lu
    Beginner August 2017
    Lu ·

    @JuneBride17 can you share the name of the local travel agent, I may be interested. FH and I are planning our honeymoon in Greece as well, we are thinking 2 nights in Athens, 3 in Naxos and 4 in Santorini

  • A
    Beginner August 2019
    Ajoi ·
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    Hi! How long did you stay? & how much was the trip? Can you share the travel agent's information please?
  • Elizabeth
    Beginner August 2018
    Elizabeth ·

    We just booked one week via Costco (cheaper and they include flights and help with hotel planning) to Athens, Mykonos, and Santorini this August

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