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Greece Honeymoon Advice

MrsDrum, on November 14, 2016 at 3:19 PM Posted in Honeymoon 1 16
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We officially booked our honeymoon to Greece this morning!!! We used a travel agent located in Greece who knows the hotels and transportation well.

Have you been to Greece or are you going? What are some must-dos and what is not worth the time/money?

We were thinking the travel agent will probably just recommend the generic tourist attractions.

Here is out itinerary:

Day 1 - Arrive at Athens (1 night)

Day 2 - Boat to Naxos Island (3 nights) (we might change this to Mykonos Island)

Day 5 - Boat to Santorini (4 nights)

Day 9 - Flight to Athens (1 night)

Day 10 - Depart Greece

Thank you!


  • MrsSki
    Master April 2017
    MrsSki ·

    Sorry to jump on without any advice, but I'm wondering about this too! It's the only place FH and I can agree on. Do you mind sharing what travel agent you used? I have no idea where to start looking for one!

  • MrsDrum
    Master June 2017
    MrsDrum ·

    We used Aegean Blue. They have really good reviews.

    They work with you back and forth through email because of the time zone difference. We worked with Litsa and she helped us upgrade all of our hotels to 5 stars. She also helped us upgrade to a flight between Santorini and Athens.

    It looks like they have a special on their website right now.

  • Texas.Bride
    Expert October 2020
    Texas.Bride ·

    Oh my gosh!! We wanna do that for our honeymoon! Excited for this post.

  • MrsSki
    Master April 2017
    MrsSki ·

    Thanks @KatelynnC!

  • MrsDrum
    Master June 2017
    MrsDrum ·


  • Y&F
    VIP November 2016
    Y&F ·

    Congratulations! Never been to Greece but sounds like fun.

  • N
    Just Said Yes June 2017
    Nicole ·

    I went to Greece for a study abroad while I was in college. I hope one day I get to go back. I absolutely loved the culture, food, and history. While in Athens you should check out the Acropolis and maybe see the changing of the guards at the Parliament building. I never went to Saxos or Mykonos, but Santorini is amazing! I would skip the donkey ride unless your dying to do it but definitely take a caldera cruise. You get to walk on a volcano and bathe in the hot springs. Find a spot to have a romantic dinner and share a bottle of wine while watching Santorini's famous sunsets. Not sure if you've considered Crete or Meteora, but those were my other favorite places we visited.

  • Spirit
    VIP October 2016
    Spirit ·

    I'm Greek Cypriot! Aegean are a pretty good airline, basic but they get the job done well - nothing like budget airlines. I would advise you not to opt for Mykonos, it's overpriced and frankly you can get the same beaches for a lot less money on every other island.

    Do try the local gyros dishes, especially a variation called yiaourtlou. It's like gyros kebab but with yogurt sauce and so yummy!

    While in Athens, make sure to visit Monastiraki and the Parthenon, it's a must. Honestly, cookie cutter tours will serve you well at this point because the sightseeing places in Athens can be done in a single day with time to spare for coffee.

    For things not to do, I'd suggest avoiding the donkey rides on the islands. Most donkey tours do not treat their animals well and that's a good enough reason not to support them.

    Get a suntan, eat fresh fish and Greece is notorious for its food so don't diet and have fun!

  • Private_User832
    Master August 2017
    Private_User832 ·

    I lived in Greece for 5 months and it's amazing! Athens is sort of dirty (think like many other cities) but great tourist sites to see. The islands are incredible. I love love loved santorini. Eat a gyro and souvlaki when you're there! Tazsiki is the yoghurt sauce someone mention earlier - it's amazing!! But I know I'm definitely off in the spelling

  • Jennifer
    Expert March 2017
    Jennifer ·

    I'm half Greek and have spent every summer there since I was a child. My biggest advice is to enjoy all the delicious food. I've never tasted fish or vegetables so fresh as I've had in greece. Aegean is a good airline with decent prices. Ask a taxi drive upfront about the cost of the fare and don't let them up the price. Greeks also haggle for just about everything, so dont be shy to ask for a deal when buying souvenirs. My parents own a restaurant in a tourist location. The best part about the job is meeting people from all walks of life. If it's in your nature, strike up a conversation with the business owners. Almost all business are family owned and everyone has a story to tell.

  • Miss S Dot
    Expert October 2015
    Miss S Dot ·

    We just got back from Greece a couple of weeks ago. We celebrated our 1 year anniversary there.

    Visited the Acropolis and the Acropolis museum. pretty amazing sites.

    Food is delish, especially the chicken souvlaki. I was super surprised to see how many bakeries can be found in Athens. I swear there is one on every block. We didn't get to check out the super popular islands but we did do some island hopping around 3 close islands. Greece is beautiful and I'd love to see more of it. Enjoy you made a great decision

  • Spirit
    VIP October 2016
    Spirit ·

    Tzatziki and yiaourtlou are two different things actually

  • RealLifeBride
    Super January 2017
    RealLifeBride ·

    I went to Greece in 2000! From my experience I would stay away from mykanos, and spend more time on Santorini. also try all the food! Especially french fries with tzatzitki sauce and excokiko ( a greek stew). also fyi most beaches / resorts are topless (I wore a full piece and was called prude LOL!)

  • MJ
    VIP April 2017
    MJ ·

    I went to Greece 2 years ago and loved it. In Athens I visited Acropolis and Parthenon. I remember buying these tickets to get into all these sites for a reasonable price. Everyone was really nice. I also visited Santorini. Very beautiful! It was just me and my daughter and our hotel was walking distance to the bus station. We took the bus to Perissa and the Red beach and to Oia to watch the sunset. Food was amazing.

  • Lynnie
    WeddingWire Administrator October 2016
    Lynnie Online ·

    I went to Greece with my aunt 7 years ago and loved it! We did a cruise so we weren't in each location long, but Santorini and Mykonos were absolutely gorgeous!

  • 10102020
    Dedicated October 2020
    10102020 ·
    Any tips for a Greece honeymoon?

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