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Give Up and Go Courthouse?

Jade, on June 28, 2021 at 12:19 AM Posted in Planning 0 5
Hoping someone has some advice for me!
I have no family. I have a guest list combined of 20-50 people between the 2 of us. We aren’t planning a “ceremony” (in part because of this,) just a quick candle lighting.
Are the photos going to be completely empty? Is it just going to be sad? Is it just a family for a couple of my friends and then 40 of his friends and family then, and is that worth it if it is? I’m feeling lost and kind of defeated.


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    I’ll share one advice someone gave me. This is about you and your future husband. It’s not about the venue, the food, or the guests. It’s about the love that you and your future husband have for each other. The rest are just extras.

    Do not sell yourself short. Have yourself the candle lighting or “ceremony “. Do not stress whether this or that looks right. It’s your special day. In the end, when you are there in the moment with your fiancé, nothing else matters.
    Also you are not alone. Your friends are your family. Your pictures will turn out great. Your photographer should knows how to frame each shot so there isn’t any empty space.
    Good luck on whatever route you go with.
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  • Mrs.a
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    This is your perception of the situation. It sounds like you’re seeing the glass half empty.
    We’re having a ceremony and dinner party with 30 guests and couldn’t be happier. We are making the day as we want it and not selling ourselves short, or settling for less. Lots of couples have intimate weddings. I suggest looking for ideas and inspiration on small or even micro weddings. I hope this helps.
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  • Sharonda
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    I agree with the previous posts. Don't count yourself out. You can absolutely have a gorgeous ceremony even with a small group of people. I went from planning a 250 person wedding to a 20 person wedding due to COVID -- and my wedding was better than I have imagined. I had a 20 person wedding in 1/3 of a huge ballroom and it looked great -- my coordinator and sisters made sure the space looked wonderful! To account for the difference in numbers between my guests (15) and my husband's guests (4), we reserved the front rows for our immediate family, and then told everyone else to sit wherever. A couple of my aunts and uncles were more than happy to sit on "their new nephew's" side. LOL! You can have what you want . . . and it will be great!

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  • Tory
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    I personally think smaller weddings are more fun because you aren’t so stressed about running to see everyone and you can focus more on your special day with your FH so it’s more intimate! Just remember that the size of your wedding doesn’t truly matter as long as everyone you want there is there. 🤍
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  • Tera
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    Don’t feel defeated. You can have a beautiful wedding even if you had no guests at all. It’s your day to celebrate entering a new season of your life. 20-50 ppl is a nice size to work with. Smaller weddings can be very beautiful and intimate. It’s not about how many guests you have. What’s important is that you have people there that love and care about you and want to share such a special occasion. My wedding turned out to be only 15 ppl including myself and my husband due to covid. Originally, we had planned a larger wedding and that completely changed. But honestly I loved my smaller wedding and I should have planned that from the beginning. Your pictures will be fine; just choose a photographer that does a good job with smaller weddings.
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