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A.B., on September 19, 2021 at 12:00 PM Posted in Etiquette and Advice 0 6
Hello, I'm curious who you are giving gifts to and if I'm doing enough For some background we have bridesmaids and groomsmen but nobody else is really involved in the wedding planning or helping financially. I'm getting small gifts bags together for those in the bridal party.

For the parents and grandparents, I was thinking a nice picture frame with a wedding photo (us with them or just us for those who can't come) to be sent after the wedding.
For everyone else, I have thank you cards ready that match the invites. I'd use it after the shower for all gifts but also send thank-yous to all that attend so some people will get two thank you cards - hand written but same stationary. Is that weird?
Vendors will get thank you cards and if a tipped service, tips.


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    I think the photos after the wedding are a greet idea. I think we are going to gift our parents photos for Christmas (our wedding is in 2.5 weeks). As far as gifts go we have a small bridal party, MOH, MB, 2 flower girls & a ring bearer. All of them are getting a little something to show our appreciation; something specific to them & a personalized Starbucks cup with their wedding day title (yeah I know some people say it’s not a ‘gift’ but I think it’s a know your crowd thing). Our parents are all getting a little trinket even though they didn’t contribute anything financially to the wedding; moms are getting a ring dish & dads are getting a tie with a personalized message on the back, all are getting the personalized Starbucks cups too. My brothers are also getting a little something & a Starbucks cup just for being my brothers and spending time and money on suits and travel. I like including everyone and having everyone fell a little special.
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    That sounds lovely! We don't have a flower girl or ring bearer and our siblings are in the bridal party so there's overlap. I'm also paying for bridesmaid hair since everyone wanted professional hair. One of my friends did that when I was a bridesmaid and I enjoyed that more than the gifts she gave us!

    I for sure want to get something for the parents. I just hope they don't feel neglected if it comes after the big day but I think a photo of us with them would be more appreciated than an engagement photo, since we rarely get to be together.

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    Already married and we gave gifts to the bridal party including the flower girls and ring bearer, both sets of parents, and our reader (aka my grandmother on my mom's side). I didn't give gifts to my grandmother on my dad's side or my step-grandfather on my mom's side. My grandfather on my mom's side, my step-grandmother on my mom's side, and my grandfather on my dad's side didn't attend. My husband's grandparents are deceased.

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  • Cece
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    We are giving gifts to our wedding party and our parents
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    I think you have all your bases covered. We gave gifts to our bridal party & our parents.
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    I think you’re being super thoughtful! We just gave gifts to our bridesmaids and groomsmen, and my father gave a gift to his father. In hindsight, we should have given something to my mom and aunt who hosted our welcome party.
    Guests got separate thank you cards for the shower and wedding.
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