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Gift Etiquette!

Susan, on September 20, 2021 at 10:06 AM Posted in Etiquette and Advice 0 4

Hi All:

I was invited to a co-worker's wedding this weekend and had a blast. I chose a gift off her Amazon registry and had it shipped to her. Unfortunately, adding gift options was not a possibility, I guess due to the vendor.

Do I email her? Give her a card with the info? I had forgotten to get her a card for her wedding to leave at the reception, but would it be weird to give her a card at work afterwards?

All my options feel a bit awkward. "Look at me, I bought you a gift!" "Look at me! I'm a total spazz who spaced out a card!" "Some mystery dishes arrived? I wonder who those could be from!" Smiley xd

Truly, I don't care about getting a thank you card from her, although I guess she will probably do that, but I would like her to know that I sent it and really appreciated her invitation, as I am new in town and it meant a lot to me to be invited.

Thanks for the advice in advance Smiley smile


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  • Yasmine
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    If she had an amazon registry then it will tell her who purchased the gift! I had a few arrive at our house in regular packaging as well but once I went to my gift tracker it showed me exactly who purchased it!

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  • Susan
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    Thank you! Smiley smile That really puts my mind at ease Smiley smile

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  • I
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    I would mail her a card with a note stating the order did not allow for a gift receipt.
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  • mrswinteriscoming
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    I personally don't like the idea of not thanking people for gifts and having just spent the weekend trying to identify who sent me cake for my birthday a few days ago, it can be a bit frustrating not being able to know who has sent a gift in order to be able to thank them properly.2

    I would suggest perhaps reaching out to her in a few days from the perspective of "just wanted to make sure it has arrived" so as to subtly indicate it was from you.

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