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Getting ready for noon wedding

Natalie, on January 8, 2021 at 9:05 AM Posted in Hair and Makeup 0 7
I’m trying to figure out how to get 3 bridesmaids, 1 groomsmaid, and myself ready for my noon wedding. The ceremony actually begins at 12:30, but we want to do a few pics beforehand. Right now, we have access to the venue (which has a large bridal suite) at 10am. The hair/MUA I have talked to have told me they’ll need at least 2.5/3hours to do hair & MU on us all using 2 stylists. That means we either start at 6:30am at my house or I see about having an hour or 2 added on to the morning venue access. I’m leaning toward the latter because 6:30 is early 😂.
Are there other options? Like, do hair at a salon and then have a MUA meet us at the venue at 10? I’m just trying to make this as stress free and easy as possible.


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    If you are wanting to go to a salon (typically you have to make all the appointments and rent out the spaces), your MUA can meet you there and do makeup while getting hair done.

    Worth an ask!

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  • Meghan
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    Can you add on an additional stylist? 3 should be able to get everyone done quickly. Starting at 6:30 a.m. will make for a every long, exhausting day.

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    Like pp said a 6:30AM start is gonna be a really long day. You could add another stylist to make preparations go faster, but keep in mind that some stylists have minimums and some have clauses that they're the only ones allowed to provide a particular type of service so that's something to keep in mind as well.

    In your situation, I'd suggest getting more time at the venue if you can to get ready there but if you can't I dont see the problem with getting ready at your house if its near the venue and your hairstylist/MUA is okay with the service being provided there.
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  • Mrs. Spring
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    Depending on the hairstyle, is it a possibility to do it the night before?
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    My wedding was at noon and we all met up at 9:15 to get ready 😂 it was cutting it a bit close but I’m NOT a morning person and I knew I was going to sleep horribly the night before (which I did) and I didn’t want to wake up before 9. I actually woke up at 4:45 and couldn’t fall back until 8. I was SO grateful for that extra hour of sleep from 8-9, I don’t know how I would’ve functioned all day without it.
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    For my brother's wedding, three of us went to one salon and two went to another salon. The bride forgot about hair and makeup until a month before the wedding so none of the salon's could fit all five of us in. The three of us that went to the one salon arrived at 9 AM. We had to be done with hair and makeup by no later than 12:30 then drive ten minutes to the church to get dressed for the wedding to start at 2 PM. We did have a little bit of wiggle room and probably could've started getting dressed a bit later, but we also had to let the photographer into the church so she could take detail photos and photos of us helping the bride put her dress, shoes and jewelry on. However, there is no way I would wait until 10 AM to first start hair and makeup especially if you want photos done beforehand. I would either go to a salon for hair and makeup before 10 AM or ask your venue to allow you to use the bridal suite sooner.

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  • Amanda
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    I had a similar situation with hair (not all of my girls opted for makeup so that made it easier). I went with my MOH and one bridesmaid and they got their hair done at the salon and then we all (including hair stylist) took a 15 minute break to drive over and meet the rest of the girls at the venue once were allowed in and picked it up from there.

    It worked well because we didn't feel pressure to finish everyone before heading to the venue (yay for sleeping in!) But also wasn't rushed once we were allowed in
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