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Getting married on a Tuesday? Advice please!

Grace, on March 19, 2021 at 12:22 PM Posted in Planning 0 7
My future husband is set on getting married on February 22, 2022 (it's a Two's-day). I love the idea of the pun and it is one of VERY few things he has asked for so far so, folks, we are getting married on a Tuesday.

Background: We got engaged in February 2020 and have been waiting to see how things play out with COVID before making definite plans so far. Our guest list of 30 people is all friends and family who live within a 2 hour drive except for my sister who will be flying in from Seattle, probably at least a week before the wedding since it will be her first visit since COVID.
That all being said, any advice on planning a week-day wedding? Timing for the rehearsal, bachelor/bachelorette events, etc.?


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  • Lisa
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    If your plan is to host the rehearsal on the day before your wedding, I would plan the rehearsal and rehearsal dinner to start at like 6pm or 7pm! Depending on what time everyone works until on that Monday, they should be able to get there by then. I'm assuming your wedding party will be taking all day Tuesday off work, and possibly Wednesday? If so, I would try to schedule the rehearsal and rehearsal dinner for after work on Monday, so no one has to take an additional day off. You could also try to schedule the rehearsal and rehearsal dinner for Sunday night, though that also depends on how far people would have to travel to attend both. If they're all local, this could work. Otherwise, I'd plan it for Monday night.

    For the bachelor/bachelorette parties, a Tuesday wedding shouldn't affect the timing of those at all! You can plan those for a month or two ahead of time on a weekend if that's what you prefer.
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  • Grace
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    Thanks! What you were saying about having the dinner later on Monday night or on Sunday makes a lot of sense.
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  • Meghan
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    I would do your rehearsal on the Sunday before. That way you aren’t asking your wedding party members to take off early & stay out late 2 days in a row. A Sunday afternoon would allow time for a rehearsal & an early dinner so everyone can get home & ready for work the following day.

    Bach parties have nothing to do with the day of the week or date of your wedding. Whoever is hosting your parties can schedule it on a day/weekend that works for everyone. I got married in October, my bachelorette party was in August.
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  • Kristin
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    I’m also having a Tuesday wedding. 🤗 The biggest thing has just been making sure my guests know far enough ahead of time to make sure they can get the time off of work.
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  • Amber
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    We’re planning a Thursday wedding! I say just give guests a lot of advance notice.
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  • Virginia
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    Sunday rehearsal dinner and 6pm start for ceremony on Tuesday. Our wedding is on a Thursday.
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  • A
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    If your guest list is only 30 its a lot easier to plan a weekday wedding. My advice would be to aim to have the ceremony as late as possible...literally like 7 PM if you can. If its a half hour long you can then have a four hour reception and people might not even have to take off work or can do a half day. Same with the rehearsal the night before, have the rehearsal/rehearsal dinner as late as possible. Or do it the weekend before. And then bridal shower/bachelorette are usually done about 1-4 months before but you should be able to have those on a weekend
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