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Dana, on September 22, 2019 at 3:46 PM Posted in Wedding Reception 0 17
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What foods are you guys doing? Especially if your making it yourselves. We've been going back and forth with a lot of stuff, but this is something I'm really trying to nail down. It's about 100 guests and outdoors, hopefully with a bug tent, in May.


  • Peggy
    Master November 2019
    Peggy ·
    We’re doing a bbq buffet with servers
  • Lisa Marie
    Dedicated October 2020
    Lisa Marie ·

    Making food yourself could be risky as there are safe temperatures that food needs to be kept at. Usually, Italian, Mexican and bbq are the most affordable catering options.

    Our venue also does the catering so we will have 2 passed app's during our short cocktail (half)hour, chicken, steak, potatoes, mixed veggies, salad and rolls. We are also adding an Italian pasta bar!

    Good luck!

  • Melle
    Rockstar June 2019
    Melle Online ·
    We wanted traditional Asian wedding cuisine which is like ten courses normally.
  • Marissa
    Dedicated October 2019
    Marissa ·
    We are having a crepe food truck! really well priced. They are charging 10 dollars a person!
  • K
    Expert September 2019
    K.glass ·
    We are doing a taco bar and we r making it and doing it all ourselves. I know a lot of ppl here dont agree w this but that is wat we r doing.
  • Dana
    Savvy May 2020
    Dana ·
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    I've though about that too! Maybe some sides with it too, I'm so excited for the food 😂
  • W-K
    Super October 2019
    W-K ·
    We’re doing brunch at a restaurant to help cut costs. Quiche Loraine, club sandwiches, fruit salad, and green salad.
  • KimandLarry
    Dedicated July 2020
    KimandLarry ·

    We're having Hy-Vee cater our reception, buffet style.

    Meats- Fried Chicken, Roast Beef, Oven Roasted Turkey Breast

    Sides- Mashed Potatoes and Gravy, White Cheddar Mac n Cheese, Seasoned Green Beans

    Half wheat, half buttery white rolls. We're also doing some apps while we take pictures, and veggie and fruit trays for late night snacks.

    We're paying $15.50 per person

  • Ivy ORP
    Rockstar October 2019
    Ivy ORP ·

    I worked in food service for years and would not DIY our food. It can be quite risky and family or friends end up working instead of celebrating. (I've seen a lot of this at local weddings) We decided on a cocktail style reception with heavy apps and hors d'oeuvres. It cost us about the same as a traditional buffet and will actually work out better because we will be serving in stages to keep the food fresh and at the right temp.

  • Cassi
    Super October 2019
    Cassi ·

    We went pretty untraditional. We are doing Bars

    We will have a taco and fajita bar with all of the fixings and sides and what not and then we will have a donut bar for dessert as well!

  • Yam
    VIP September 2019
    Yam ·
    We hired a caterer with staff but we went with a simple menu that can accommodate dietary restrictions.

    Artichoke dip & chips
    Vegan black bean dip & chips
    Cocktail meatballs
    Fruit tray

    Chicken marsala
    ”Caprese” pasta(vegetarian pasta loaded with tomatoes and zucchini and flavors of caprese)
    Green salad

    Wedding cake
    ”Toadstool” brownie cups
    Honey cakes
    Berry pie

    Raspberry italian soda(home made)
    Sparkling water
  • Allaura
    Devoted April 2021
    Allaura ·
    Were doing a plated service with steak, chicken, and a veg option. With mashed potatoes and some other veggie lol with 2 passed apps at the cocktail hour. Our venue does all of the catering for their events which is totally fine with us!
  • Miranda
    Dedicated September 2020
    Miranda ·
    Were making Italian our selves. But we are having only about 25 people. And it's to much money to spend on food for that little people. But I'd look into cheap catering for 100 guests
  • Maureen
    Just Said Yes May 2021
    Maureen ·
    Breakfast for dinner. Our favorite meal!
  • Z
    Dedicated November 2019
    Zoe ·
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    This sounds amazing.
  • Cassi
    Super October 2019
    Cassi ·
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    Thanks! We are pretty excited and we got it all for a steal. $12.95 a person plus an additional $75 in total for all the donuts and different toppings and what not

  • Yoice
    VIP March 2019
    Yoice ·
    I wouldn’t recommend cooking it yourself of having family and friend doing it. It is not the same cooking for a party than cooking for a wedding of 100 guest and keep the food hot to serve. I had a buffet and It was the best option for my small group since I wanted a big variety of food.

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