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Font Size on Invites?

Megan, on July 15, 2019 at 4:10 PM Posted in Planning 0 2


We're going with Vistaprint for our invitations. For those of you who did editable invitations, what size font did you go with? Do you have a picture I can see? I'm worried the front is too big or too small and it's hard to tell without seeing it in person.



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  • Sinéad
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    Hey Megan!

    How exciting to be working on your invitations! What is your design like?

    For your font size, you want to make sure that it is legible so making sure it’s not too small is the biggest task. You then want to ensure that it is framed evenly within your ‘black’ space.

    Usually, by looking at it yourself, you will be able to tell if something isn’t right.

    Perhaps you could ask a couple of close friends or family members to check it out before you print it so that you have a couple of extra eyes checking it out before you print them.

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  • Athena
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    I would advise nothing under 10pt for type, especially if you have elderly people who will be receiving invites. I’d say anything 14pt or over probably save for your names (the more decorative headline type information). I’m a graphic designer (though I don’t design wedding invitations).
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