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Flower Location!

Doxie Mom, on April 14, 2021 at 1:35 PM Posted in Style and Décor 0 6
So thankful for the opinions here!

I am having my wedding June 5th and my lovely maid of honor has offered to buy my flowers. With her and Is budget I am at a dilemma where I would rather have my flowers put to use. Our options are decorating the ceremony area, or using them for the centerpieces at the guest tables and the tables for cake, guest book cards etc. (Either way we will have bouquets and corsages)
What would you prefer as a guest a nicely decorated ceremony spot or reception spot (they are in the same area just one inside vs one outside) It is worth mentioning that are ceremony I believe is pretty on it’s own but simple.
Here is a picture of the ceremony location (the flowers and logs pictured though are not always there. Flower Location! 1

And here is inspiration for centerpieces and decor for the tables (with real roses though) Flower Location! 2
Flower Location! 3
Thank you so much for your help!


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  • SHY
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    I think as a guest, I'd rather see the reception space decorated nicely! It will be the portion of your wedding that everyone spends the most time at anyways, plus, it looks like your ceremony area is already beautiful without the added florals!

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  • B
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    Bride2Be ·
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    I agree with Shelly! Keep the ceremony simple and do it but in the reception! We are doing more simple greenery with a little touch of flowers at our alter thing and simple lanterns and candles/greenery along the aisle. We want the bulk of flowers to be in the reception since people will spend 95% of their time in there!
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  • Michelle
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    As a guest, I would prefer pretty tables. The ceremony venue is stunning on its own. But flowers often do double duty from ceremony decor to reception decor. Just depends on what you want.

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  • E
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    Have you considered using the ceremony flowers in the reception area? If you had the manpower/people will to do so you could easily move the "pew ends" to the reception tables following the ceremony and have them serve purpose in both spaces. The centerpiece inspiration you showed would look lovely as pew ends.

    There are also ways to have a fancied-up ceremony area very cheaply. At my wedding, I had a single rose tied to the end of each row. It was very minimalist and elegant. With those wooden benches, you could just do one garland on each side, draped across the back rows.

    While I personally like flowered-out ceremonies better than gussied-up reception tables, I think your ceremony area is lovely on its own and doesn't need much. Honestly, some petals scattered down the aisle and maybe a nice touch of flowers on the arbor would be plenty, so you could focus your funds on the reception area.

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  • Pirate & 60s Bride
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    I agree! 💯 percent.
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  • D
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    Danielle ·
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    I also agree with Shelly. I'm getting married in June, in an outdoor venue. There will be minimal decor including signs and flowers down the aisle and at the entrance. The reception is also outside and we're adding a gauze table runner, a few different sized candles, and a couple of simple floral bouquets. The wooden tables are beautiful and I don't want to cover them. Ultimately, it's your wedding. What would you like to see? What will make you happy? Wishing you all the Best!

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