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Flower girl dress inspo

Michelle, on January 3, 2020 at 8:41 PM Posted in Wedding Attire 0 6
So I would love to see what everyone chose for their flower girls to wear. ( & where you purchased)

We’re having two flower girls ages 4 and 5. Our wedding is in August, so short dresses preferred.


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  • Sharon
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    Sharon ·
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    Amazon, less then $25. It seemed silly to get $100 dresses for them. My bridesmaids are wearing very dark purple and the flower girls are in lavender. Flower girl dress inspo 1

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  • Marie
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    Marie ·
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    Flower girl dress inspo 2
    From jjshouse.com
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  • Kelsi
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    Kelsi ·
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    Flower girl dress inspo 3

    Bought it from the above link during a Black Friday sale! It matches the top part of some of my bridesmaids dresses 😊
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    Flower girl dress inspo 4
    Etsy, $31. My sister is ordering it soon for my niece. This store has several colors to choose from!
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  • Serenity
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    Serenity ·
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    I’m doing an October wedding finally got a theme my two little nieces are my flower girls! I found these on esty & I cant waitttt for 2021 anymore lol I’m so excited!! Here’s my idea! I wanted more of a fairy look since my wedding is enchanted garden themed!! Flower girl dress inspo 5

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  • Bridget
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    Bridget ·
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    Flower girl dress inspo 6
    Flower girl dress inspo 7

    They are floor length but my nieces loved these- especially the “Elsa” cape as they called it and they twirled on the dance floor. 😂 My mom bought them from Princessly.com
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