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Finally i have an official new date!

Monica, on April 3, 2020 at 7:51 PM Posted in Planning 0 3

I think the worst part of postponing the wedding is the unknown and uncertainty and waiting. I have waited for 2 long slowww weeks to figure out a new date because of my city's shelter in place which is set to end on April 7th, even though my state shelter in place has not ended. I was able to get ahold of my church and luckily they emailed me back and confirmed the new date. I am still waiting for a few vendors to call me back but so far things are all good.

Our original wedding day was Tomorrow April 4th and we have now moved it to October 3rd. At first my FH didnt want to postpone he just wanted to cancel but my 30th birthday is October 8th so it will be happy birthday to me.

I was even considering a different venue that costs $1000 more(IF my current venue was to offer a refund) because they had availability in August and September. My crrent venue gives us the keys the day before to set up which we are DIY everything ourselves, and the other venue only gives 2 hour to setup. Im not willing to spend an extra 1k AND have to hire someone to decorate for me because I dont want my family rushing the morning of. So my original venue it is, we can set up the day before and minimal stress morning of the wedding.

I just finalized our invites that I previously made and will send them out next week via text and facebook invite. There are a select few ppl that will receive via mail because I dont have their phone numbers.

We are planning to elope at a courthouse on June 4th our anniversary date and if we cant we will have it in my backyard. It gives us something to look forward to thats coming up sooner than october


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    That's great news to hear, i'm so happy for you. Even though the world is going through it with this virus, you are staying positive and strong.

    Good Luck and Best Wishes

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    Thank you!!
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  • Mandi
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    Yay! Happy for you!
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