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Debbie, on May 10, 2019 at 6:08 PM Posted in Wedding Reception 0 17
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Hi everyone. Looking for opinions. My fh and I are crazy about nutella. When I saw these labels and tags on etsy I knew right away I wanted to use them as our favors. (I'm a DIY person so I would make them myself). I bought one of the mini nutella jars, they're smaller then I thought. So the jars alone seemed very cheap looking to me. I was considering buying a spreader to go with it. I liked this one but not for the $2 a piece that it's being sold for. I'm also going to have hersey kisses with wedding stickers on the tables as table scatter.

So my question, would the small nutella jars look too cheap as the favor by itself? My other favor idea would be to put the kisses in a bag with the tag, hugs and kisses from the new mr. and mrs..

I know a lot of people don't think favours are necessary but in my family they're expected for weddings.

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  • Destiny
    Rockstar May 2020
    Destiny ·
    So cute! I saw these at walmart during xmas time they were like 98 cents
  • D
    Savvy October 2019
    Debbie ·
    That's part of my dilemma, they'll get pricey.
  • SraDeCarrillo
    Super August 2019
    SraDeCarrillo ·

    I didn’t even know they made mini jars. I did some googling and found a good price on some here.

  • CourtneyBrittain
    Master August 2019
    CourtneyBrittain ·
    I love it!!
  • D
    Savvy October 2019
    Debbie ·
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    Thanks for checking. That's actually the website I was looking into. I would need 75 jars. The two cases with shipping comes to about $93.
  • Mcskipper
    Master July 2018
    Mcskipper ·
    I wouldn’t bother with the spreaders.
    I Think the Nutella by itself is probably fine (if it’s individual sized though I’d go one per person instead of one per couple), but if you really want something to accompany it, I’d try for a food item that might be good dipped in Nutella or something to spread it on? I can’t eat Nutella so I’m not really sure if there is really anything to fit this bill, but, it’s a thought!
  • D
    Savvy October 2019
    Debbie ·
    Thanks everyone. But would it look too little and cheap if I just did the jars instead of spending the extra money on the spreaders
  • Kelly
    Super October 2019
    Kelly ·
    I don’t think it would look cheap if you did the Nutella w/o the spreader - especially if you included the cute little tag. I think it would be adorable.
  • Thea
    Dedicated August 2019
    Thea ·

    I think these are really cute, and to me the personalized tag shows that you put effort in and didn't just go for a "cheap" favor.

  • D
    Savvy October 2019
    Debbie ·
    Thanks for all your opinions. I feel more comfortable going with this as my favor now. I'll definitely be doing one per person, not couple.
    Phew. One more thing I can check off my to do list.
  • VIP September 2019
    Not to be a spoiler just be careful that guests don't have any nut allergies.
  • plangalCG
    VIP May 2018
    plangalCG ·
    So cute and personal to you and your FH! I think it’s extra cute with the labels.
  • L
    Expert June 2019
    Lori ·
    I love them and it fits you both perfectly it sounds like.
  • Katherine
    Expert July 2019
    Katherine ·

    If you could stick a personalized sticker or a ribbon at the top it could be cute!

  • A
    Master October 2019
    Angelena ·

    Just do the nutella and tag! Super cute idea! I would love it

  • D
    Savvy October 2019
    Debbie ·
    Thanks everyone. I really like this favor, but my family keeps telling me it's too small and cheap looking.
  • Sherry
    VIP September 2019
    Sherry ·

    Nutella.....deelish! I think the Nutella would be perfectly fine by itself. Keep in mind that no one is expecting a favor so anything they get is a bonus!

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