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Etsy Invitations

Lauren, on January 15, 2019 at 1:47 AM Posted in Planning 0 5
Has anyone purchased their invites from Etsy? I’m just wondering how it worked out with having somewhere print them for you... Did it turn out as nicely as you hoped? Any help is appreciated!


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  • earias
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    earias ·
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    Yes, I worked with a seller on Etsy to custom design my invitation suite and was able to design them exactly how I wanted, even the plaid. They were stunning and I got so many compliments, even from the designer herself.

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  • Micaiah
    Devoted July 2019
    Micaiah ·
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    Mine were ordered from Etsy. I absolutely loved the experience and the outcome. The shop I went through was very attentive to my wants and vision for it. They talked to me the whole time until we got it perfect, and even changed a small detail so that we're could have a video game reference in them (FH is a huge video game nerd). They sent me pictures of the proofs and everything. They didn't print them until everything was perfect.

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  • Nicole
    Expert November 2018
    Nicole ·
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    I ordered mine from Etsy as well! They came out exactly how I wanted and the seller (lvandy27) was super sweet in providing proofs to make sure it was worded and detailed. One thing that'll help you confident in going to Etsy for invites is ordering samples to see the paper quality - I ordered 3 different styles I was interested in and this helped get an idea of what I thought I liked and didn't like before ordering in bulk!

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  • Rebecca
    Master October 2025
    Rebecca ·
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    Welcome to WeddingWire Lauren! It's wonderful to have you in the community!

    I haven't personally ordered wedding invitations on Etsy, but I've ordered invitations for other events on there! I've only ordered the ones that provide you with the template and then you fill in your info, but I've heard wonderful things from other community members who have had their invites custom made! I know a lot of community members have their invites printed at Staples or FedEx, but you could always ask the Etsy shop owner what she/he recommends for printing and what type of paper to print it on! They are usually experts with that type of thing and have some useful suggestions!

    Do you already have a shop in mind for your invites or are you still browsing around Etsy?

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  • E
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    Erica ·
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    I purchased mine off Etsy, I haven't had mine all printed yet but I plan to have them printed at Staples and I did have them do a sample for me so I could see how it's going to turn out. It looks really good and seems to be the most cost effective option. It turned out really light and kinda washed out on their printer at first, but I asked them if they could darken it on their computer, which they were able to and it turned out well. You also get plain white envelopes with your order when you have them printed there.

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