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Enough Time for a Bustle

Laura, on September 23, 2019 at 11:27 AM Posted in Wedding Attire 0 3
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So I'm really bad at planning ahead so pretty much my whole wedding as just been thrown together in the past month or so. The wedding's on November 2. I'm ordering a beautiful ballgown with a full skirt from Azazie, and I'm super excited, but it's arriving sometime between October 18 and 23, which I realize is very last minute. It's being custom made to my measurements, so I expect very little necessary alterations (probably just the shoulder straps being adjusted if anything), but one thing I didn't think about was the bustle. I'm not thrilled with the idea of a bustle, but I also know that the skirt is HUGE and, having worn huge ballgowns before, I know it'll get in the way. How long do bustles normally take to add? If I don't add a bustle, is there another way to deal with the train? I won't be wearing it the entire reception, I am getting a second dress for when I eventually get too uncomfortable in the gown. (Nothing too fancy, something I could wear another time if I wanted.) I also don't dance and won't be having a dance floor so I'm not worried about that either. Should I just go without the bustle and save myself the headache?


  • Meghan
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    How long it takes probably partially depends on how many layers your skirt is. I imagine adding a bustle to one layer of fabric would go faster than adding it to 3 or 4 like mine was.

    However if you're not going to really be wearing it at the reception I don't know if it's really worth adding the bustle anyway. By the time you get around to bustling it you'd you'd probably probably be changing into your second dress or doing so not that long after.

    Before bustling my dress there was just a lot of hoisting and carrying and help from bridal party getting around.

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  • earias
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    My dress had a lot of layers so required a 12-point French bustle. It took my dressmaker less than a day to do it.

    However, if you don't want to add a bustle then have them add a wrist loop so you can hold it on your wrist until you decide to change dresses.

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  • Sinéad
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    Hey Laura!

    Perhaps you could consult a seamstress in advance of receiving your dress to ask how much work they imagine it will be to add a bustle. They will be able to make a good estimate for a timeline.

    Depending on how heavy your skirt is and how much time you have for alterations, you could also think about adding a wrist strap to your train so that you can almost carry it yourself. I’ve added a photo of what this could look like.

    Enough Time for a Bustle 1
    Enough Time for a Bustle 2

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