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Elopement announcement

Meghan, on August 2, 2021 at 3:19 PM Posted in Etiquette and Advice 0 9

Me and my fiance are having an intimate ceremony at our local courthouse and would like to send out marriage/ elopement announcements. We would like to add a registry for family out of state. Please give any advice if you've done this before, thanks!


Latest activity by Kari, on August 4, 2021 at 9:54 AM
  • Cool
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    Unfortunately one of the things you give up when you elope is a registry because you have no guests to host, and gifts are a “thank you” for hosting. Send the marriage announcements and if anyone does want to send a gift they will send a check/cash.
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  • AJ
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    I agree 100% with this, send the announcement and if people want they will send cash or a check. Also its super tacky and looks gift grabby to include registry on any invitation or announcement of any kind. If you are planning on throwing a post elopement party you should register for gifts, if you aren't planning on throwing a party you can still register for some things and if people ask what they can send you you can direct them to your registry but never put it on the invite/announcement itself.

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  • Vicky
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    Definitely don't list a registry on your marriage announcements.

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  • Michelle
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    Agree with this. If you elope, you forfeit all pre-wedding festivities, including a registry. But people will give you gifts because they want to share your happiness. You accept whatever they give you graciously.

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  • Mcskipper
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    Just to paint the picture, including registry info on an elopement announcement says “hey, we did a thing and didn’t include you but we still think you should get us presents!” — this is likely not your intention, but it’s how it comes off to people. You can still MAKE a registry— the internet savvy can easily find it, and the non internet savvy who wish to gift you can ask you for it all in their own if they decide they want to get you something. But, best to let them approach you about it.
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  • M
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    Yes, to ALL of this. Anyone who wants to give you a gift will figure out how to do so after they receive your announcement; they do not need your to ask for a gift first.

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  • Jacks
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    Never include registry information on invitation or on marriage announcements. Congrats on your upcoming elopement!

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  • Hanna
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    I agree with everyone else. You can still make a registry and share it directly with people who might ask you for it, but it would be very inappropriate to include a registry on a marriage/elopement announcement

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  • Kari
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    I would send physical stationary as your marriage/elopement announcement - a nice card with a photo from your elopement is sufficient. I would send these after the deed is done - sending them beforehand but not inviting people is very awkward. It would be inappropriate to send registry information along with this because you are not inviting people to attend your event. If someone wants to give you a gift they will find a way to do so on their own or may ask you about a registry, at which point its fine to share that information. But to send a wish list of gifts to people you are not inviting to your event is just rude.

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