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Drowning in Stress

Denise, on May 14, 2019 at 1:54 PM Posted in Planning 0 15
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Does anyone else feel like they're in the Circus and trying to juggle? I mean between Work, school and home was enough, now add in planning a wedding? I feel like I'm being drowned. Ugh!


  • Jessica
    VIP October 2019
    Jessica ·

    Yasssss I totally feel you girl. I'm finished with my Bachelor's on June 28th and am just counting down the days until I can cross that off my list. One thing at a time, that is what I've been trying to tell myself this whole time (easier said than done haha).

  • Denise
    Super September 2019
    Denise ·
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    Right? I guess it's just one of those things, but I hear a lot of people miss planning because it makes you feel so busy. I'm trying to cherish it, but geez!

  • Jessica
    VIP October 2019
    Jessica ·
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    Absolutely.. just remember to take time for yourself and FH away from planning (again, I'm preaching to the choir lol) Hang in there!! We're getting close

  • Jess
    Super September 2019
    Jess ·

    I absolutely agree! I just graduated college with my Bachelors in Accounting this past Saturday! So I completely understand how you feel! Just use your time management skills and everything will work out!

  • Dita
    Expert August 2019
    Dita ·
    Big time stressed!! Our wedding is right at the end of summer and summer happens to be my busiest season at work so I am just beyond overwhelmed currently. I don’t want to wish time away because I really have enjoyed wedding planning and can not wait for the day to be here, but I feel like I’m losing my mind!
  • Mandy
    VIP May 2019
    Mandy ·

    I'm juggling current job, transitioning to a whole new department for my new position, training someone to do current job, home life, guests messaging me and finalizing plans.

    My wedding is Saturday.. so far just today: 90% chance of severe storms on Saturday. I've had 6 people message me asking if the wedding is still on. My hair appointment got cancelled (not my fault) so no new hair for me. My wedding cake frosting and cupcake frosting can't be customized to the color I was wanting as originally planned. We can't get a final count on who is actually coming to rehearsal/rehearsal dinner. One of my bridesmaids just "can't decide on how she wants her hair". I'm sure I've missed something.. but I've never been more ready for a Sunday than today. haha

  • Summer
    Dedicated June 2019
    Summer ·

    Yes. Wedding planning doesn't stop life, unfortunately. I hope that you are able to take some time to do some self-care so that you don't burn out!

  • Nafisah
    Super May 2019
    Nafisah ·
    I know the feeling! Because I finished school before FH, I've been stuck with all the planning which means I have to put my licensure exam on hold because I just cannot do both 🤦🏽‍♀️ my best advice would be to utilize a calendar or planner of some sort to keep everything in order.
  • Rosalyn
    Beginner March 2020
    Rosalyn ·

    How about working 48-60 hrs/week AT NIGHT, building a home, planning a wedding, planning and attending family events, a few of my closest family members are sick, and my fiancé is a on the road truck driver who is home once a week. SMH! We will prevail.

  • Cieloregina
    Dedicated July 2019
    Cieloregina ·
    I was just stressed with work and the planning....Im not sure how you're doing it with work and school! In the end, we decided to atleast hire a "day of" coordinator to get some relief in the final stretch.
  • D
    Dedicated December 2019
    DIY Bride ·

    I feel like I'm drowning too! It's trying to juggle everything and spending money on this wedding! I'm a nurse, so I know juggling very well, but this wedding planning on top of it is just making me crazy.

    The latest is that my FH will not let a travel agent plan the honeymoon. Apparently they charge too much money. I tried to show him last night by looking up the prices that the travel agent really isn't high in her numbers (all it got me was him telling me that I really must not want to go on a honeymoon). All of this came about because she wanted to know our budget for the honeymoon. He says that travel agents shouldn't ask about budget. I totally understand why she is asking, our honeymoon is to California and Hawaii for 2+ weeks, its going to cost a lot of money. My FH thinks that we are going to plan this honeymoon together, haha... Sorry, but I'm out. I'm not planning it because all it will get me is a lot of stress and him telling me over and over that I didn't plan it right. So as it goes, the planning is on him. If you haven't figured it out already he is kind of old school and really doesn't understand reality. His thought is he will go to the airport and talk to people and someone will plan our flights and it will only be a few hundred dollars. Oh, and he doesn't have a passport and has no idea why he would even need one.

  • Future Mrs. McCully
    Devoted July 2019
    Future Mrs. McCully ·

    I feel ya!!

    Working full time, keeping up with the house work and planning a wedding is getting to be pretty stressful.

    I have a bladder disease and stress flares my symptoms - I have had UTI symptoms for the past week....ready for the stress to be over with!

    On a lighter note, My FH and I filed for our marriage license today! That made me realize that this stress is completely worth it!

  • Zil3790
    Savvy June 2019
    Zil3790 ·

    Yess!! 100% My wedding is on June 8th, and its sad to say but I am counting the days till its over haha. I cant wait till this is all done and I can finally relax

  • Caitlin
    Dedicated November 2020
    Caitlin ·
    Goodness yes. I don’t have school to contend with thankfully, but I only recently started my current job and between commute and actual workday my days are 12+ hours long, not including getting ready in the morning. Then we’ve got the house we just bought and moved into in November where we’re trying to get stuff set up/clean as we have the energy for it and the three cats, each of whom have some major neediness issues akin to a toddler. Toddlers are needier, but oh my goodness don’t let anybody tell you cats don’t get demanding when they decide to be.

    i am exhausted 200% of the time, so naturally I’ve also decided to plan a wedding in six months.
  • T
    Super June 2019
    Tiffany ·
    Omg sooo with you! 36 days left and can’t wait to be done! Soo over all the stress!

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