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Kayla, on July 27, 2021 at 9:35 PM Posted in Wedding Attire 0 9
Hey girls! What is everyone wearing for their rehearsal dinner? I’m having the hardest time trying to find an outfit.


Latest activity by Ashlee, on July 29, 2021 at 3:03 PM
  • Rosie
    Rockstar February 2022
    Rosie ·
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    We plan to have a very laid-back, casual dinner for ours - basically whoever is in the area the night before can join us for beer and schnitzels at the local pub, so I didn't plan to wear anything fancy, but I was expecting to see everyone the morning after the wedding, and planned to wear this dress, by an australian designer, two sisters, the label which I think would be perfect for a rehearsal dinner! Maybe something similar?:

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  • Michelle
    Rockstar October 2022
    Michelle ·
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    In our families/circles, rehearsals are very casual with a dinner of pizza and sodas/beer. The groom wears tshirt and jeans and the bride wears the same or something a bit nicer. No dresses or business suits.

    Is there anything in your closet that speaks to you? If not, try Target or Burlington.
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  • Yasmine
    Rockstar October 2020
    Yasmine ·
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    Amazon had a bunch of cute outfits depending on what you want to wear
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  • M
    Dedicated October 2021
    Michelle ·
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    Our rehearsal dinner will be very casual. I’m wearing jeans and a t-shirt. 🤣
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  • Sara
    Expert August 2021
    Sara ·
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    I plan on wearing what I wore for our backyard wedding! Dress? 2

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  • Jessi
    Expert October 2022
    Jessi ·
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    Our rehearsal dinner will be super casual and we'll be decorating our reception venue before/after, so I'll be in jeans and a tshirt lol

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  • Katherine
    Expert October 2021
    Katherine ·
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    For the rehearsal dinner i still wanted to dress up since it's the last wedding related event before the wedding. I'm planning on wearing a white jumpsuit or high waisted white pants and a sparkly white top.
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  • Ciara
    Beginner December 2022
    Ciara ·
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    Our rehearsal dinner will be very laid back and since it’s during winter, we are actually going to encourage everyone to wear pajamas. My fiancé and I are laid back and enjoy being comfy, plus I think it would be very cute if we took photos at the dinner.
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  • Ashlee
    Expert September 2022
    Ashlee ·
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    We wont know if we can have a rehearsal for awhile because our venue has friday events, so I'm not sure yet but I love this dress from Lulu's: https://www.lulus.com/products/absolutely-stunning-white-lace-off-the-shoulder-midi-dress/1310796.html

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