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Dress shopping tips-david’s Bridal

Eva L., on September 14, 2019 at 11:13 AM

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Hello there, I'll go dress shopping for the first time next weekend at David’s Bridal. Do you guys have Any tips or advice that could share with me? Thank you.
Hello there, I'll go dress shopping for the first time next weekend at David’s Bridal. Do you guys have Any tips or advice that could share with me? Thank you.


  • Laura
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    Have an idea of what you want, but be open to trying on other styles. I knew I wanted a ballgown, but tried on a trumpet dress per my mom's request. Once I had it on, it was apparent that it was not right for my body shape and we went back to ballgowns. 🤣 Also, be prepared to look at veils and shoes. They have everything there and it's so easy to complete the look right then and there since you have the dress on already!

    I went to David's Bridal after two other bridal shops and found them the LEAST pushy! My consultant moved quickly, finding dresses similar to the ones I asked her to pull after I had tried them on. She asked if I wanted to try my favorite one first or if I wanted to save it for last. She even gave me advice on venues, since I didn't have one at that point and was feeling stressed about finding the perfect one. So don't let other bride's experiences at DB get to you too much. Every store will be different and I hope your experience is more like mine Smiley smile
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  • Jennifer
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    Here goes, long but:

    1) HAVE FUN!!! And go to a few places!

    2) Try on ALL the styles to see what actually does look good on you. And try on white as well as ivory/cream.

    3) Bring the underwear, bra, shape-wear, pantyhose, heels and jewelry options for a high and low neckline you will most likely wear.

    4) Bring snacks: gum, mints, candy, crackers. As well as water, juice or clear soda. As well as bring any meds you take, even if you don’t think you’ll need them. Aspirin and ibuprofen can be a life saver for you, And your girls/guys!

    5) Bring only the top 3 people. Too many can make it not a fun experience. Remind them they don’t have to be catty/petty, but can give advice & comments.

    6) Go in with Pinterest, magazine or printed out dresses that you like.

    7) What does your closet have more of? Slinky and sexy or full and romantic styles of dresses/gowns? That can always be a good indicator of what you are likely to lean towards.

    8) Remember, and why they do this I have NOOOO idea, the dress they put you in is going to be one to three sizes BIGGER than what you normally wear. And the sample is not going to fit the same, as it’s been handled and tried on, many, times before.

    9) Tell the stylist what the wedding vision is: Church, barn, beach. Winter, summer, indoor or outdoor. Small or large wedding.... That way they can help guide you and your people...

    10) Wear the spray on or clear deodorant and limit perfume/lotion. As well as being the deodorant and feminine pads with you. Light days can double as armpit sweat stoppers.

    11) Wear limited makeup- no lipstick!- so as you don’t get it on the gowns. If you MUST be full faced bring a clear shower cap to hold over your face when they are putting the gowns over you head( I model and that is a trick we use!).. Trust me the stylist will love ya for it!

    1. Also, remember that the size you wear is going to differ from what they put you in. Meaning if you wear a size 8 they will put you in a 10-12. It can be disheartening to see that larger number, but remember that you are NOT the number, you are the beautiful soul inside that gorgeous gown!
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  • Megan
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    When I went the lady helping me seemed a bit frustrated with me because we didn't have a venue or season picked out, and I was open to anuthing, I literally wanted her to pick a style she thought would flatter my body. And after I picked a few, she finally picked one she thought would look good and hated. Luckily after talking with me a little more about the vibe of my wedding ( romantic, fun, formal, and such) she picked two more dresses that I liked.

    So my advice, know season, possible venue, the vibe or wedding...

    I was hoping I would find a dress that I loved then it would help me pick a venue, and season. I thought clearly if we would get married in a colder season I would freeze for a bit or add sleeves or something to keep me warm, so I only looked at dresses without sleeves.
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  • Eva L.
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    Eva L. ·
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    I got my dress!!

    So I went to my appointment today. Thanks so so much for everyone's advice they helped me a lot and I'm apologies for for replying to everyone individually. Thank you so much.
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  • Felicity
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    I just went two weeks ago. My advice is don't bring a ton of people with you, maybe 2 or 3. It gets overwhelming when you have a bunch of differing opinions. Bring someone you are comfortable with that you can have help you in the dressing room, the assistant did not help in any way at all when I went so I was happy I had someone to help me change. Also try on dresses you may not necessarily think are "your style." I didn't want a strapless dress and ended up buying a strapless dress because I loved it! Good luck!!!!
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  • Samantha
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    Have fun! Don’t take it too seriously, if you don’t find anything you love then don’t feel pressured to buy. Take supportive people with you who won’t overwhelm your vision. My bridesmaids and mom were so supportive, it was just a magical experience.
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