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Just Said Yes June 2020

Dress Shipping

Amanda, on March 14, 2020 at 10:38 PM Posted in Wedding Attire 0 4
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Does anyone know where essence of Australia weeding dresses ship from? I was told an estimated ship date of March 8th when I ordered my dress but nothing since. I know I’m being impatient but with all the sickness going around I’m afraid it’s been drastically delayed.


  • Kathryn
    Rockstar August 2020
    Kathryn ·
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    More than likely China. I would call the bridal salon and double check, but my guess is it's been delayed due to the virus.
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  • Nicole
    Super August 2020
    Nicole ·
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    I ordered my Essence of Australia dress at the end of October, they told me it would arrive around March or April, but it arrived in February. I would call and ask.
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  • Briaunna
    Savvy November 2020
    Briaunna ·
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    Did you order from the actual designer?
    Or was it a trunk show dress?
    Depending on the dress style most I believe come from New York at the stores. Some come from the actual designers in Europe. I ordered mine the beginning of September of 2019 and it will be here the end of April.
    I would just call and ask. But I know on social media and their website like 99.9% of their dresses ship from New York after being produced.
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  • M
    Just Said Yes May 2021
    Marcia ·
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    I also ordered an essence of Australia dress, the bridal shop told me that they were mostly made in China. My wedding is 9/26/20 and I ordered it in Feb. Supposed to be here in August, which is already cutting it close. Waiting to hear back from them about delays.

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