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Dress came in 2-3 sizes too big. Is there hope?

Alyssa, on July 27, 2021 at 5:28 PM Posted in Wedding Attire 0 5
Hi all, I am seeking some reassurance 1f62d.png
I ordered my dress from Alexandra's Boutique in Fall River, MA. Told them I'd be training for a half marathon prior to the wedding and expected to lose at least 5-10 pounds. I really felt that I should order a size 4 dress, which would be a bit snug in my hip area (but the waist and bust would still have been VERY big on me even at that size). However, they really pushed that I should order a size 6, which was slightly large for my hips even then, saying it's easier to take a dress in than have to let it out. There was so much pressure and they made me feel like a size 4 would be a TERRIBLE idea, despite the fact that I told them I am a runner and an athlete, and was more than confident that I would be losing weight. They scared me so much that I agreed to the size 6.
Anyway, dress came in last month, I just took it to a seamstress, who told me she could make it work and it will be beautiful, but that she is angry on my behalf and that they really screwed things up for me. My dress is currently 2-3 sizes too big.
There's nothing I can do about any of that now, and I realize that... but I am just really distraught and afraid that my dress will now be compromised because of the size discrepancy, and the alterations won't be able to make it look as good as if I'd ordered a smaller size. Am I going to end up with just a "good enough" dress fit now? Will I still be disappointed after alterations? I get that the sides can be taken in, but the bust area is still going to have a different placement/shape than it was designed to be... I'm just a mess. 1f62d.png I adored my dress and it was expensive, and I'm so upset at the idea that we'll have to 'make it work' instead of having something that truly suits me.
Does anyone have stories/photos of alterations done on complicated lace dresses, where they were taken down 2-3 sizes but still came out exactly as you dreamed? Or better?
Please message or PM me with any reassurance you have... I am just so upset and could use some hope right now! (but please be honest either way!)


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  • Rosie
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    Rosie ·
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    I don't have any pictures, but I know it can be done! Don't despair! My own dress will likely need to be taken down at least a size, and is having sleeves added and all sorts of things. A good alterations person can do wonders.

    Also, I'm a big fan of subscribing to the idea of not panicking until you need to, which I know is easier said than done, but wait and see what can be done before freaking out! If you truly hate the alterations when done, do you have time to get something else? There are always, always options!

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    That’s where I got my dress! I am so sorry they pressured you. Honestly, they are probably so used to brides who swear they’re going to lose weight and don’t that the company line is always going to be—order the size that aligns with the largest measurement.

    I worked with Connie, who was in house at Alexandra’s , to fit my dress and she did a spectacular job (I have a proportionally small waist and large bust). Have you thought about bringing your dress back to Alexandra’s and seeing if they’d give you a credit for accessories or something based on the trouble?
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  • E
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    Wow, I feel like I'm reading my own story.

    When I got my dress, the salon insisted my measurements (in particular my butt) indicated a 6. I told them, I've never worn a 6 in anything - a 4, absolute max, but never a 6. They made me feel like I was just being a vain idiot, trying to squish myself into a smaller size.

    Yeah. Well. The dress came in, and I was swimming in it. Even the salon's seamstress was ranting furiously at the lady who ordered it, that she should have consulted her before ordering because of my "tricky" shape. In the seamstresses words, "2-00-4!" (bust-waist-hips).

    I will tell you that the seamstress was able to alter it, and it fit perfectly. It did have a corset back, which gives a little more leeway in terms of making something fit, but it was also heavily embellished in the bodice and you still couldn't tell it needed 2-3 sizes taken out.

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  • Liz W
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    Liz W ·
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    I, unfortunately, have had the opposite experience--they listened to me when I said my FH and I were going to be working out in the New Year and ordered my dress a size too small! Thankfully I have actually lost some inches (and pounds, but inches are more important in this instance), so I THINK it will fit fine (I have my first fitting in a week).

    My oldest sister had the same issue as you. She's was TINY when she got married, and the smallest size they could order for her was a 6 (when she should've had a 2). Her dress was GORGEOUS after the alterations. Plus, both of us are like 4'10", so the hemming was a good 12-18" off the dress. Have faith in the seamstress and don't panic! I'm sure she will make it look beautiful!

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  • anna
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    anna ·
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    I bought my dress off the rack and it was at least 4 sizes too big! it was a size 10 and I would have needed a 2, and I didn't have enough time to order my correct size. my seamstress worked wonders on my complicated lace bodice and skirt and it looks like the dress was made perfectly for me! don't worry, a talented seamstress can literally be a miracle worker!

    Dress came in 2-3 sizes too big. Is there hope? 1

    Dress came in 2-3 sizes too big. Is there hope? 2

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