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does formal have to mean long dresses?

Lakeria, on August 18, 2010 at 2:37 PM Posted in Wedding Attire 0 9

Im having a formal evening wedding in the summer and I was just wondering do my bridesmaids have to wear long dresses?


Latest activity by Lakeria, on December 31, 2010 at 1:51 AM
  • *~* Soon to be Mrs. Murphey *~*
    VIP February 2013
    *~* Soon to be Mrs. Murphey *~* ·
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    I wouldn't think so... formal to me would be proper heels and decorations... colors and fabrics... I for isntance will be in flip flops with mason jars! haha

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  • Analy aka T-waffle
    Master October 2009
    Analy aka T-waffle ·
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    Usually at least past the knee, depanding how formal "formal" is...

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  • Meghan
    Master August 2011
    Meghan ·
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    Have to- no. But the dress style should compliment your dress, whether short or long, halter or strapless, etc...

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  • Because I Said So
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    Because I Said So ·
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    No, if it's summertime you can find a formal looking dress that's not floor length. do them a favor and find a nice knee length they can wear again.

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  • ursula
    Super October 2010
    ursula ·
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    This is something i wonder about..seeing how formal has changed..

    i went to a wedding last year that was stated as being formal i was so worried about what to wear...i went with a red dress that came just below my knee very flowey with silver strappy shoes...yes I looked very formal but when i got to the reception i think i was the most formal dressed there..

    i will never understand when someone says formal it doesn't mean a new pair of jeans and a polo shirt...but it does mean dressed up whether long or short....now black tie means something else....

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  • Susan E. Lanzara
    Susan E. Lanzara ·
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    Things have certainly changed over the years but, formal was always long; semi-formal was shorter - tea or street length. If I received an invitation stating dress was formal I would go with long - but then I'm old...

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  • The Potters
    Master September 2009
    The Potters ·
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    I say no way. I had a formal wedding, but it was held outdoors in September. My girls had knee length dresses. September in Texas and long dresses do not mix. The short dresses went perfectly with my formal wedding.

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  • B
    Master January 2011
    bluedaisy ·
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    Unless you are going for black tie formal, nope. short will work. Do pay attnetion to fabric though...that will make a big difference on how formal a dress is-a satin is always a good formal material.

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  • L
    Just Said Yes August 2012
    Lakeria ·
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    Well the ceremony is going to be outdoors an august in ga the heat index is still around 110 at six pm so ill def be going with the shorter dresses.

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