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Do we still need a rehearsal dinner?

Amy Louise, on August 1, 2021 at 8:07 AM Posted in Etiquette and Advice 0 5

We, like many others were married during Covid in a lovely backyard mini-mony June 2020. After rescheduling 4 times (God willing this is the last time we reschedule!) we are having our wedding vow “renewal” and reception June 2022.

I realize we’re a ways out here.. but I got to wondering.. Do we need to have a rehearsal dinner if we are having a renewal ceremony but it’s not the big to do we would have normally had?

Wondering what other people are doing in this case?



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  • Rebecca
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    I think this is really up to you & your partner after taking consideration of the guests you’ll be inviting. Would they be looking forward to attending a rehearsal dinner? Is it feasible for them to get to the rehearsal dinner (are they coming out of town and therefore need to book a hotel room/do they need to take off early from work, etc)?
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  • Yasmine
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    My husband & I have our big celebration this October but we opted out of a rehearsal dinner. Before postponing we were definitely having one, but not anymore. We're pretty much utilizing our bridal parties for pictures & pregaming now , we recently just decided that instead of redoing the whole wedding, we're now just doing the reception portion
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  • Bird
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    The purpose of a rehearsal dinner is that really actually the rehearsal. Do you need to rehearse anything? Will you have your parents or grandparents sitting in a certain spot? The rehearsal would be a good time to tell them. Will any one walk you down the aisle? (Sorry don’t know what you have planned for a vow renewal) do you hand your bouquet to someone at a certain point? (I didn’t have bridesmaids but I sat my sister in a spot very close to me so that she could stand and take my bouquet. We also had my BiL sit in a certain spot so he could hand the officiant our rings. My cousin was doing a reading so I wanted her in a specific spot so she wouldn’t stumble over anyone.). These and many other logistical things were discussed and ironed out during the rehearsal. Then we had all these people together so ... you spend more time together by eating!

    If you don’t have anything to rehearse then perhaps this is all superfluous.
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  • Janet
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    If you are planning on having a rehearsal, you should have a rehearsal dinner/meal to thank those who are taking the time to participate. If you think everything can be communicated before hand day of, skip the rehearsal. Most can walk in a straight line. The rehearsal is more so for pacing.

    The dinner can be a small bbq, pizza and beer, at someone’s house. Doesn’t have to be extravagant and can be very causal.
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  • Judith
    Judith ·
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    More people do not have rehearalls than do.also, RD have always been one fo several choices. Traditional etiquette is that if you have a rehearsal at or immediately before a meal, you must serve a meal. But if local people get together at 10:00 leave at 11:00 for example, no they don't. Not just before a mean or during one. If you want a RD, you can have it the Saturday befora Sunday Brunch . And it may just be a bride and here people, or groom and and his. There is a long tradition of these separate dinners just of partipants.
    Also for a B and G and participants dinner, no other family or dates. According to traditional etiquette, it is only if you have a formal, sit down meal, that SO or dates, and family and parents of kids involved need to be invited. With this, additional choices if you have a very casual RD at meal time after the rehearsal, lots of choices.

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