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Do our original idea or elope?

Katherine, on August 7, 2020 at 8:33 PM Posted in Planning 0 6
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Due to covid we are stressing on the fact of not knowing how next year will be. Our wedding date is planned for October 23 2021. We are not for the idea to push it back. We will be engaged for 2 years at that point and don't want to wait any longer. We are afraid to book our venue we picked due to not being able to be refunded if they were not to be able to host our reception. If we are allowed only 25-50 people we are considering just eloping elsewhere and inviting the wedding party and whoever is willing to travel. We hope that things will be better next year but also don't want to lose so much money. I still want to get the full bridal experience. Which I feel like I would still be able to make it possible. We are so torn on what to do!!


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    A lot can happen in a year. Ours is 10/02/21 and we have all of our vendors booked. A lot of them are now almost completely booked through fall due to having almost double weddings from 2020 weddings being postponed. We have talked to each of them about what would happen if we should need to postpone and whatnot and ensured that the contract backed up what they said. Worst case scenario, we elope on that day and then reschedule the reception for another time and have a celebration of marriage instead. We also have a backup plan for social distancing needs along with two rain plans since our ceremony is supposed to be outside.
    At this point, I’m not worried. Having the backup plans help, but again, a lot can happen in a year! I think you should go ahead and book it if you want it as your venue. If you continue to wait, your favorite vendors are going to book up.
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    We are also planning for October 2021. As the previous poster mentioned, we have a plan b and c. We’re also communicating with all of our vendors should we need to postpone or cancel. By the time we get married we would have been engaged just shy of 2 years, so I get your concerns regarding that. I would recommend doing what you all feel most comfortable doing, and fits your needs. There’s so much uncertainty. Having back up plans has helped us. Hope that helps!
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    Date twin! I feel your concern about uncertainty next year. It’s hard because it’s far out and people don’t really understand the concern. I can’t help but wonder what if we wait a whole year and things aren’t better and we have to postpone anyway? We’re getting married in Massachusetts capacity limit aside, there’s no dance floor allowed and that simply won’t do! FH and I are considering eloping this October with just immediate family but going on with next years celebration as planned unless not allowed. That way if there are still restrictions I won’t really be too stressed about postponing to 2022 since we’ll already be married. (Note: my grandma’s health is declining and I want her to see me get married so that’s when we came up with plan)
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    You have more than a year to plan I wouldn’t stress out or worry about something that far away. My wedding is in March and I’m continuing to plan as normal. Yo could always elope and plan got the big celebration later
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    The idea of losing money with deposits is very stressful! I posted recently about my elopement/photos (but we had already wanted to elope so almost nothing changed as far as original plans).

    For us, having to postpone our marriage would have been stressful because we just wanted to be married. I'm very happy with our decision and it brought me peace of mind and a sense of stability when there's so much uncertainty right now.

    Here's what I posted:


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    We are in a very similar position to you! We booked our wedding for October 2, 2021 in February and then Covid hit. We decided to get married this year on October 2 with just parents and siblings and then celebrate next year as a vow renewal/reception. We also want to buy a house with a VA loan and you have to be married (2.5% interest rate, yay!). I decided I didn’t want to be stressed out this whole year about whether or not 2021 will happen (but I really hope it will!).
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