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Beginner June 2021

diy Save The Dates

Bailey, on July 18, 2020 at 11:27 PM Posted in Do It Yourself 1 11
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diy Save The Dates 1

I scanned all the websites out there for save the dates but I could not find magnet templates that fit my garden themed wedding so I figured, why not make my own?!

I had no idea what resin was before stumbling upon it accidentally last month and decided to learn the trade in order to make my Save the Dates.

I had so many wonderful shots from my engagement shoot that I picked my favorites, sized them down to the size I wanted, added the words Save the Date and the date of the wedding and put 11 photos on a sheet (I did all of this in Photoshop).
Then I printed them at Walgreens on an 8 × 10 photo and of course used a coupon! I saved money too by having 11 photos on one photo sheet.
Then I laminated the 8x10 photos and cut them down to the size I wanted.
diy Save The Dates 2

I poured resin into soap molds (I bought about 24 molds so I can resin in bulk), filling up about 1/4 of the mold.
(PS when it comes to resin, silicone is your best friend. Every tool you can, buy it in silicone.)
Putting the photos into the resin and using a heat gun to get out any potential bubbles out (bubbles are the worst).
diy Save The Dates 3
diy Save The Dates 4

Then for the gold look, I added gold flakes, or copper flakes,, using tweezers and toothpicks to sink them into the resin. Wait 24 hours then pop them out of the mold!

diy Save The Dates 5
diy Save The Dates 6

For colored alcohol inks after pouring the resin I let it sit for 5 hours ( I didn't want to put colored ink into the resin before it cured some because the ink may get under the photo, defeating the purpose) then returned and poured in the alcohol ink using white alcohol ink as well (white ink sinks the colors so they don't sit at the top). Wait 24 hours then pop them out of the molds! This part was fun because my love was able to pour ink and make his own creations and we gave those to his family!
diy Save The Dates 7

I bought magnets off Amazon and put them on the back so my guests can place the art on their fridge!

diy Save The Dates 8

Then after all that because I'm extra. I brought transfer paper (Avery Brand). Designed on Adobe Illustrator Save the dates, with the date, the where, the who and more information to follow.
Printed out the design backward on the transfer paper.
diy Save The Dates 9

Bought fabric (100 % cotton) cut the fabric into strips to make them look like unraveling ribbon.
diy Save The Dates 10

diy Save The Dates 11

Ironed on the transfer paper onto the strips of fabric then peeled off the paper once it cooled and tied them around the resin and handed them out to my guests.
So far we have received many compliments for our save the dates and what's unique is that each one is handmade which means no two are the same!
The hardest part is learning resin but after extensive research I picked up the craft fairly quickly! Once you are in the groove it's really fun and rewarding!
diy Save The Dates 12


Latest activity by Rebecca, on July 28, 2020 at 9:21 AM
  • Faviola
    Dedicated August 2021
    Faviola ·
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    Those look great! Wish I was creative
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  • Melle
    Rockstar June 2019
    Melle Online ·
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    These save the dates look so good
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  • Caytlyn
    Legend November 2019
    Caytlyn ·
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    Wow, that’s some serious work for save the dates! They turned out great!
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  • Rebelle Fleur
    VIP January 2021
    Rebelle Fleur ·
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    I loveeeee it. Unique and pretty.
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  • Jasmine
    Rockstar February 2021
    Jasmine Online ·
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    Congrats on your DIY! They came out great.
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  • Lynnie
    WeddingWire Administrator October 2016
    Lynnie ·
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    Oh wow - these are so cool!! I love how unique these are, and you did such an awesome job!! Smiley heart

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  • FutureMrs.C
    Dedicated August 2020
    FutureMrs.C ·
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    Holy crap those are gorgeous!! I love those ideas and how it's coming out.

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  • Jana
    Rockstar October 2022
    Jana ·
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    Those look awesome! Very creative.
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  • Maureen
    Dedicated October 2021
    Maureen ·
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    Beautiful! I love them!

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  • Soon To Be Mrs. Stewart
    Devoted August 2022
    Soon To Be Mrs. Stewart ·
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    They look great and the fact you made them make them even more special and meaningful. I love crafting. Great Idea.

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  • Rebecca
    Savvy November 2021
    Rebecca ·
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    They came out amazing! Your hard work really paid off! You should get into selling them, I know I'd buy!

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