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diy hair/makeup?

Amanda, on May 30, 2020 at 3:37 AM Posted in Hair and Makeup 0 5
Any brides planning on doing your own hair and makeup on your wedding day? If so, why? What concerns do you have? How much time will you give yourself?
*Tips from pros welcome!


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  • Mindy
    Super November 2020
    Mindy ·
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    I can’t speak to hair because my hair dresser from the time I was 16 is coming from multiple states away to do my hair...but I do plan on doing my own makeup. I haven’t had much success when other people have done my makeup in the past. I always look overdone. And since I don’t typically wear a whole lot of makeup anyway, I don’t want to look like a completely different person on my wedding day and in my wedding pictures.
    I’m watching some tutorials and playing around with it some now to get a sense how long it will take on my wedding day.
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  • Shamaree
    Dedicated February 2020
    Shamaree ·
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    I got my makeup done professionally. But I did my own hair. Because:

    -I always do my own hair & trust myself completely

    -Convenience; we got married 2 hours away from our home where there were no hair stylists specializing in Black hair & we got married early morning
    -It was cost effective
    I straightened and pinned curled my hair the night before. I spent about 20 minutes the day of styling it. I would suggest you do a couple of trials on yourself to see what you like, what techniques to use and to know how much time it takes. I didn’t do that but I’m sure it helps.
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  • Haleigh
    Dedicated May 2021
    Haleigh ·
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    I'm debating whether or not to do my own, but I'm leaning towards it for a couple reasons. There's of course the budget aspect, which is a big part of it. I've only had my makeup done professionally once as MOH for a friend who (very kindly) gifted hair and makeup to the bridal party. I absolutely hated how my makeup was done. It was heavy and greasy and made me look way older than I am. It felt terrible and made me really self conscious all day. I'm afraid of paying someone and hating it. I've still got a year to go, so for now I'm practicing to see how I feel about doing it myself.
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  • A
    Super October 2021
    Ashley ·
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    I’m not getting my hair done because I don’t use heat on my hair and avoid a lot of ingredients commonly found in hair products. My hair is very curly on its own, and I don’t feel the need to do anything special to style it other than pin it up in some places. I want my hair to look like my natural hair. Otherwise, it’s just not me.
    I’m not getting makeup done because I have very sensitive skin and am allergic to way too many things. I’m not willing to take any risks that I’ll be itchy on an important day.
    My best friend is also doing her own hair and makeup for her wedding. She’s doing her hair because it’s super short already and curly. She’s doing her own makeup because she likes how it looks when she does it herself.
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  • Kora
    Expert September 2021
    Kora ·
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    I will most likely be doing my own hair and make up! I’ve been doing my hair since grade school and my make up since jr high.. I defiantly think if you don’t do it normally to do a practice run or even try it out for your engagement photos! YouTube videos are always helpful 😊 (also remember that makeup looks different in professional photos if you are having a photographer) Good luck! I’m sure you will look beautiful 🤍
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