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Vannesa, on November 13, 2019 at 1:44 PM Posted in Do It Yourself 0 4
I wanted to look into doing my own flower arrangements for my wedding yes it's in 2021 so I have time but i wanted to know how I would go about doing a trial run just so I know whether I could do it or not? How much should I order?


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  • Erin
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    Hi there! Will you be using real flowers or artificial flowers? How much do you want to DIY? What all do you want to make? Do you know what flowers you want to use? I only ask because I DIY’ed my flowers, but kept everything simple. I used artificial flowers for the bouquets and the bunches on the sheer curtains at the gazebo where we got married. It took a couple of days (like all day both days) to play around with the flowers and arrange them just right. When I arranged them just the way I wanted, my MIL helped tape, secure, and wrap the bouquets. With the artificial flowers, we were done and didn’t have to worry about rearranging again. We also purchased bunches on sale and separated the flowers. I used real flowers on the centerpieces and for other random decorations that didn’t have to be secured.

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  • Vannesa
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    Oh all of your stuff looks amazing! I want real and I want to do mainly just my bouquet and the bridesmaids as well as the tables. The tables will just have eucalyptus and little roses on the tables with candles (trying to keep the center pieces simple). But I want a big Bouquet and want the bridal party to be somewhat simple but still elegant. I have an assortment of flowers I'd like to use such as: Tess garden roses, Black pearl roses, burgundy peonies(if I can), spray roses, silver dollar eucalyptus, queen protea, apricot carnations and possibly peach ranunculus.

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  • Vannesa
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    Oh and possibly try and make the flower girl flower crowns but I might go with artificial flowers for that just so it's easier.

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  • Erika
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    My wedding is in 2021 too and I am planning on doing the same thing.

    My plan is to fill tall vases(36") with big bunches of baby's breath. So far I found a pack of 6 Eiffel Tower vases for under $100.
    I also looked at wholesale stores in our area for boxes of baby's breath.

    For my bouquet and BM's bouquets I plan on using light colored flowers since it will be in April.

    I did the calculation and it will definitely save me a lot of money. I was given a quote of $85/centerpiece. Right away I beat that price by buying 6 vases under $100.
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