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Just Said Yes September 2023

Disagreeing dad

Katelyn, on November 23, 2022 at 7:50 PM Posted in Planning 0 8
My dad is freaking out about all these prices Around how much is everybody paying all together?
Because apparently I’m to much and everything should be $500 or less and the wedding should be under 8,000 total

I don’t have a mom and my dad just really came in my life since my mom happened. And he has a new wife trying to control everything. I grew up and raised myself so I know what I want and if I have to I’ll buy everything


Latest activity by Rosebud, on November 26, 2022 at 9:42 AM
  • Jm Sunshine
    Jm Sunshine Online ·
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    My daughter's wedding/reception 2 years ago was $25,000 and that was for brunch (85 people). Evening weddings can easily double and wedding costs have increased significantly since Covid. If you want the wedding you've envisioned, then I suggest not having strings attached and paying for it yourself. Your dad has every reason to be freaked out about prices!
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  • Cece
    Rockstar November 2022
    Cece ·
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    I completely agree with Jm Sunshine- I would fund the wedding yourself. It’s obvious your father isn’t comfortable spending the kind of money you are wanting to spend on your wedding.
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  • Jacks
    Champion November 2054
    Jacks ·
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    For what it’s worth,no-one is responsible for paying for your wedding except for you and your FI. I would plan and pay for the wedding that you want, that way you retain control. Good luck with your planning!

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  • N
    NewEnglandSettler ·
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    Yah… you should definitely show him and buy everything you want yourself.
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  • Katelyn
    Just Said Yes September 2023
    Katelyn ·
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    Another thing is my dad would of bought me anything I wanted for our wedding till he got married to a gold digger. They have money they told me they have to much money so there money person told them they should build there dream house after they just bought a 1.1M dollar house.
    Now he won’t do anything for me because his new wife says no and she gets her kids everything
    I’m the rant because I was in foster care and grew up alone ( my mom didn’t let me see my dad) when I got in fostercare I started to see my dad.
    He wants me to have a modest back yard wedding at my grandmas then get a reception.
    I dreamed of this wedding since I was 5Don’t get me wrong I would pay for it and get everything I want but my dad said no he will but then complains.They want me to be his new wife’s kids and be perfect
    Sorry for the rant
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  • Bird
    Expert June 2021
    Bird ·
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    I would get quotes for different vendors and then show him the prices. For example, show him a quote for a Panera caterer, a quote for a buffet dinner and a quote for a sit down meal. He can then see what the going rate is and what you get for your dollar.

    For a backyard wedding, you’ll need to rent chairs, tables, tents, lights, portable bathrooms, caterer, plus 700 other things. Get a quote from a rental company for chairs tables and tent and show it to him.

    Good luck!!!
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  • K
    Dedicated September 2023
    Kimberly ·
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    Another suggestion is if he still really wants to contribute financially to the wedding, maybe he could just take on one event, like just a rehearsal dinner or farewell brunch. That way he can have something to focus on and pay for that hopefully stays within your stepmom’s budget. If you do that, of course, then he would have control over the event, so make sure you’d be ok with whatever he would plan first.
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  • R
    Rosebud ·
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    If your dad wants to to contribute to the wedding maybe ask him how much he feels comfortable giving and then say ok we'll use that towards the photography and dj (or whatever). I wouldn't even show him the prices. Just find out the amount he s willing to contribute and hopefully it llll help you and your partner cover a chunk of the wedding. Money often comes with opinions and strings attached. I m sorry you have had a tough road with your dad but sounds like your relationship has come a long way. Weddings are expensive and it's kind of him to help a bit. Best of luck to youSmiley heart

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