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Dip nails ?

Lindsey, on May 4, 2018 at 10:32 PM Posted in Wedding Attire 0 12
I currently do gel nails but I keep seeing all these ombré dip designs at my favorite nail salon.
I never done dip nails before and was thinking of doing a “trial” and having them for the bridal shower

whats your experience? Do the lady long and keep the nails strong? How do they take them off?

Dip nails ? 1


Latest activity by MrsD, on May 7, 2018 at 1:31 PM
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    Cassidy ·
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    My mom just got dip nails a couple of months ago. She LOVES it! So much so she's had it redone when she went back. She said they last a while with no chipping. She didn't mention how they come so Not sure on the process though and no personal experience.
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    Raquel ·
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    I LOVE dip manicures! I use to wear gel nails and Ill never go back. Dip nails dont chip or crack they just stay hard like acrylic nails. To get them off they file them down (my nail salon uses electric nail filers, not sure if they do it everywhere) and then just wrap them with nail polish remover and foil like gel nails. The last longer too, I get mine done every 3 weeks, but that is because I get sick of the color! I will say though that I havent noticed it to be an different as far as the wear on your nails.

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  • Mrs. Mecking
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    Mrs. Mecking ·
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    I’ve been wondering the same thing about the dip nails. Following.
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  • Stephanie
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    Stephanie ·
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    Dip is the best!!! The best method I've found that stays sturdy and lasts! You just have to make sure you go to someone that really knows how to do it
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  • Lucky
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    Lucky ·
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    I’ve been wanting to try dip nails as well!! Do they glue on the fakes to add length or just use your natural nail?
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  • Lindsey
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    Lindsey ·
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    Thats a good question-

    i think the one i have seen is natural nails (girls whos nails are already long)

    I have been trying to treat my nails like a princess to that they will be a good length for the wedding

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  • Kayla
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    Kayla ·
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    It's called SNS and it's ahmazing! Mine usually last about a month before I need to get them done. Plus, my nails grow like crazy do I don't have to get tips added on. In order to take them off, you sand them down a bit then dip them in acetone to melt the powder.
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  • Harleybeachbride
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    Harleybeachbride ·
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    Dips awesome! The main diff from gel is that it seem to last longer, and the use of a black light is much less (only used at the end after top coat applied) my nails are super strong to begin with, but I swear they're stronger w the powder. I get it on my natural nails. The cost is a bit more too. My salon charges $40-$45 (depending on if I get french or ombre design) I'll keep on for abt a month. Oh, and they use a drill buffer thing to remove and trim cuticle vs the clippers to cut them.... which seems quicker but unsure which is better for your nails? I prefer this process over gel. These were my wedding nails! :+)

    Dip nails ? 2
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  • Samantha
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    Samantha ·
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    Dip polish is amazing! I had brittle nails that always broke AND I was a nail biter. So I had hideous nails.

    W ith dip polish, my nails never break or chop, I stopped biting, and my nails look beautiful. It lasts for 2-3 for me, but that’s because my nails grow fast and grown out nails bother me. There’s plenty of color options and my salon charges $30 for just plain dip nails. I highly recommend trying it!
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  • FutureMrsN
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    FutureMrsN ·
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    I get these done, just discovered them a few months ago, and love them!! I don’t do ombré but the SNS dipping is fantastic. I usually go every 3 weeks because they make my nails grow crazy fast and I don’t like them that long, but they never chip.
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  • L
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    Linda ·
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    I started dip nails a couple months ago and will never go back. They are healthier for your nails. The last on me 3-4 weeks where gel only lasted 1.5 maybe 2 weeks. I am rough on my nails and have only managed to chip it once. Even bending a nail back I held painful but held.
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  • MrsD
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    MrsD ·
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    My problem with dip nails is they aren't as strong as gel, and I'm really rough/clumsy with my nails. I do think they make your nails healthier. You should be able to achieve an ombre look with gel nails too.

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