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Destination wedding - how are you flying with your dress?

Rachel, on September 11, 2021 at 7:41 PM Posted in Wedding Attire 0 3
We're eloping just the two of us! We're doing 2 weeks in Greece, eloping on day #5 in Santorini. I have to haul my dress from Phoenix to Athens (minimum 2 flights) to Crete (another flight) for a few nights to Santorini (ferry ride) without crushing the dress to death and keep my FH from seeing it. You know, no big deal 😂😳

We're hoping to fly business class (too early to buy tickets) so there is a chance at closet space. I've also seen carry on boxes to have the dress professionally packed and put in the overhead bin.
Working on figuring out how to get the dress steamed and delivered to our hotel once we arrive. Getting married at sunrise the following day!
How are y'all planning on transporting your gorgeous dresses?


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  • Bonnie
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    Bonnie ·
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    My wedding is out of state so I’m traveling with mine. I found a YouTube video where a bridal specialist shows you the best way to pack a dress in a carryon or suitcase (from sheath to ballgowns). I preferred this over taking a chance on them putting it in a closet because I’ve read a lot of horror stories on here & that’s the only way I have total control. You can pack a steamer on the plane as well an steam it yourself when you get to your destination if you can’t arrange something else.
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  • P
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    Patrice Nov2021 ·
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    Wally bags are perfect for transporting the dress and it can be folded to fit in the overhead bin if necessary. They have YouTube videos showing how to pack the dress and the bag is constructed so that the folds don't wrinkle the dress
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  • Lynnie
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    Lynnie ·
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    I think the most important part will be getting in steamed once you arrive at your final destination, and making sure it has enough time to hang straight or lie flat!!

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