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Denver Brides

Jacey, on December 29, 2021 at 12:45 PM Posted in Colorado Planning 2 3

Any Denver brides out there with advice or tips?


Latest activity by Julianne, on January 5, 2022 at 11:25 AM
  • Kass
    Just Said Yes November 2024
    Kass ·
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    Hello! I'm from Denver
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  • Leslie
    Just Said Yes July 2022
    Leslie ·
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    Congratulations! If you are trying to understand how much weddings are costing in your area these days, check out: For venues and some vendors, is a useful resource! If you are looking to recycle and/or save money, check out the Recycled Wedding (Colorado) Facebook page. Finally, try listening to The Big Wedding Planning Podcast for tons of great tips and support! Good luck!

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  • Julianne
    Just Said Yes July 2022
    Julianne ·
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    Congrats on wedding planning!! Some advice: don't book the first nice affordable vendor you talk to. Do your research, have your list of qualifying questions, and most importantly, if you have concerns or "rules" about COVID, make sure you ask them up front and add any necessary rules to your contract before signing. There'll be nothing you can do if you find you have a different stance than your vendor after signing.

    Before you do any vendor research though, find out if your venue has a preferred vendor list. We did a ton of research and THEN learned of the preferred vendor list. At the end of the day I much prefer to go with my venue's preferred vendors, at least for some of them like planner and band, or planner and photog.

    Start wedding dress shopping early! Once you pick one, stop looking and unfollow the dress accounts on social Smiley smile

    You don't have to ask people to stand up in your wedding just because you stood up in theirs. Time passes and people change. You may not feel the same about someone, or be as close to them, as you did 4 years ago when you were in theirs for example.

    If you hire a planner, and most everyone recommends a day of planner at minimum, they can also help you secure vendors and review contracts. To us, the important vendors to book more quickly were venue, photog, planner, band in that order.

    Keep in mind with Covid, things are slow. My dress is currently delayed. As much as you can help it, don't delay on ordering yours if you plan to wear one Smiley smile

    Have fun, give yourself time, bring your partner into it to divide and conquer (ex: split up by vendor), and remember it is your day. There will be plenty of moments where you make decisions based on your guests, just make sure it's what YOU want and what makes YOU happy on your day, vs your great aunt Sally whose idea of a wedding is probably dated anyhow haha. Again, congrats!!

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