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Delivery Timing for diy Wedding Flowers

Rachael, on October 11, 2019 at 3:27 PM Posted in Do It Yourself 1 3
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Tldr: is 4 days too long to let my DIY flowers (white roses and hydrangeas) bloom before my wedding? Will they be dying/wilting after 4 days or will they just be very bloomed and open?

I'm ordering all my flowers (white roses, white hydrangeas, and some white oriental lilies) and greenery from Sam's club.

My wedding is going to be very small (immediate family only) so I'm having it on a Tuesday to save money since everyone was able to take off from work.

The only problem with this is that Sam's (and other places like Costco) only deliver flowers Tuesday - Friday. Generally it's recommended to receive your flowers 2-3 days before your event; since mine is on a Tuesday, the latest I could receive them would be Friday (4 days before my event).

Does anyone have experience receiving their flowers >2-3 days before their event? Will they be dying by the time of my wedding? Or will they just be very bloomed/open (which I actually want for my roses). I'll be getting the lilies about a week before the event since they take longer to bloom.


  • earias
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    This is fine, but you will want to keep them in a cool, dark place, preferably a fridge if you have one big enough to put all the flowers in. Also, another trick I've learned from having flowers delivered to me (not for weddings but from romantic gestures) is that the roses are almost always supposed to have their first layers of petals removed because they are kept just for transportation purposes to protect the rest of the bloom. If you notice your roses seem a little droopy or discolored, remove the first layer of petals and that should do the trick. Another trick I learned when I had my bouquet professionally preserved after my wedding, cover the bouquet with a white trash bag (put the bag upside down over the flowers) and put in the fridge. My bouquet lasted 2 weeks using this method and I had roses and peonies (very fragile flowers).

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    I'm going the same DIY route for our Monday wedding and have agonized about this a lot. Luckily, you picked hearty flowers so I don't think you have to worry! Both roses and hydrangeas rebound well. So my advice is to do some research about DIY flower care (I found the videos by Flower Moxie EXTREMELY useful) and keep a close eye on your blooms.

    A note about blooming...hydrangeas are delivered already bloomed so you don't have to worry about them being too bloomed or open. instead, your goal will be keeping them looking fresh and perky (the key here is a TON of water and fresh cuts). And roses are great because you can use sunlight and temperature to manipulate their blooms. So, if you get them Friday and they are blooming huge by Sunday, get them into the darkest and coolest place you can and they will resist additional blooming/wilting.

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    I ordered mine from
    costco to be delivered on Friday for my Sunday engagement party and they were perfectly open. 4 days seems risky.
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