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Dear Creative People, i need help with wedding hashtags!!

Erica, on June 4, 2018 at 3:02 AM Posted in Planning 0 5
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Okay. This is something we have been stuck on for months. I need ideas!! I want something creative and fun using our names and maybe including our interests or the name of our venue. My name is Erica, his name is Matt(hew) Van Pelt (his childhood nickname is MVP...not sure if he wants to use it in the hashtag though). I will be taking his last name so mine doesn't really matter. We'll be getting married June 8, 2019 at a place called Arrow Park. We both love professional wrestling, I love Green Day, and he's a metal head. I think that's all the information you could possibly need...please let me know if you have any ideas. Thank you!!!

The ideas we've had so far:



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  • Holly
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    Congrats!! And you guys are getting married on my birthday!! Best day ever. Smiley smile I don't know if you will like these, but here you go. I put the reference/inspiration based on your likes in parenthesis.

    #theRockforEandMVP (If you guys like the Rock?)
    #BoulevardofVPs (Green Day)
    #VPMaidenMatrimony (I used Maiden as a guess if he likes Iron Maiden, not sure which metal bands he likes)
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  • E
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    Ahhh i like them all, especially #BoulevardOfVPs but that made me think of #BoulevardOfVanPeltDreams which I like even better. Kind of long though. Thank you so much for the suggestions!!
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  • E
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    Yay thank you, i love these ☺️
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  • Jay
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    Jay ·
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    HI Erica,

    Thanks for all that awesome background info.

    #EricapinsMatt (Wrestling)

    #VanPeltwinsthebelt (Wrestling)

    #entertheRing (wrestling)

    #KnowwhereIllbefound ( When I come Around)

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